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Card backs are one of the few collectibles in Hearthstone (besides the actual cards, of course) and are one way to show what you’ve achieved in the game. Throughout game’s history, there’s been more than a 100 different card backs, though only a fraction are currently obtainable. You get some for reaching Legend rank, purchasing certain Blizzard games, participating in Hearthstone tournaments and so on.

The gimmicks vary, obviously, but none is as cool as this newest one. Mark of Hakkar, Hearthstone’s latest card back isn’t just a piece of art — it’s a virus!

mark of hakkar

The way this card back works is only a few players get it at the start. Then, when they use the card back and play against someone on the ladder, that player gets it as well. And so it spreads.

This is a cool social experiment by Blizzard and it would be interesting to see how fast Mark of Hakkar goes viral and infects the majority of players. In November, the game celebrated 100 million players and although not all of them are obviously playing, that’s quite the number.

Card slingers are of course encouraged to use the card back once they get it so it can spread across the population faster. Then again, if you’re feeling anti-fun, you can just “vaccinate” yourself and never never use it.

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