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Dota Underlords was launched this week by Valve in what seems to be an early development stage. The game is available only for The International 2019 Battle Pass owners for now, but it will enter an open beta stage in about one week time.

Valve has already made several updates to the game based on the feedback received from the players and early this morning they not only fixed a few of the bugs, but also made changes to the user interface for PC. The patch log can be found on the Underlords official web page, here and this is where Reddit user Mr.Virus managed to find some hidden content. Typing /home instead of /updates on the Underlords page, he found info about several features that are not in the game yet. Valve were fast in taking down the info, but Mr.Virus was quick to take screenshots of all his findings. Going through all the features, one by one here is what’s cooking in the Dota Underlords devs offices:

Ranked Matchmaking

Probably the most anticipated game mode is the ranked matchmaking. For now, the game only supports bots practice and friendly matches, solo and party mode. It’s hard to tell if Valve will want to start a ranked match making in the open beta, but one can hope that we get to test it before the game exists the beta.

New Maps

The current version of Dota Underlords has just one map on which the games are played, but according to not only the hidden pages found on their website, but also to a Twitter post made today, three more maps will come to the game.

Battle Pass

Two weeks ago, Drodo Studio were allowed to add a Dota Auto Chess Pass. The Pass in DAC unlocked a new courier and custom chat and avatar frames for those who bought it, but Valve’s Dota Underlords got rid of the courier concept. So, it will be interesting what kind of features the Battle Pass will bring and if it will unlock any kind of special content, challenges or rewards.

Tournaments, replays and offline mode

Tournaments might be something similar to the weekly Battle Cup in Dota 2, or maybe the Artifact system. It might be an upcoming feature of the Battle Pass or it might just require tickets, more like Artifact players needed tickets to access different game modes. Ideally, tournaments entry will be free, and everyone will be able to create them in some pre-made formats. The match replay option is also not yet available, however it’s something that players will soon have, along with the option of playing the game in an offline mode.

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