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What do you get for winning the latest Pound tournament? For Team Liquid Smash player Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma, the championship win included about $2,700 in prize winnings, victory over Cloud9 rival Joseph “Mango” Marquez… and a dead crab thrown at him.

Hungrybox’s victory came as a result of a long and exhausting losers bracket run, following a loss to Mango in the top 8 round. The marathon test contributed to the player’s reaction after the incident, which he later explained in a tweet.

According to caster Phil “EE” Visu, the fan who threw the crab has been identified and caught. VGBC co-founder and Pound organizer Matthew “Aposl” Lofton further tweeted that while they will not be releasing the name of the culprit, they will be permabanning him from future event and informing other tournament organizers.

This was not the first time Hungrybox has encountered malicious reactions from fans. Last April, the player tweeted a story about getting harassed at Wal-Mart by a stranger, who said “Fuck you and your family, Hungrybox”. This February, the player was also met by “Fuck you, H-Box” chants by more than 3,000 people at the Genesis 6 event.

Photo by: Robert Paul
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