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On Monday, a footage of Twitch streamer BadBunny went viral. Two days earlier, during a broadcast on January 18, BadBunny ranted at her audience for not giving her enough money in a way that caught many people’s attention, because of course it would.

BadBunny’s Twitch chat rant

“Chat… I haven’t had a donation or a sub in an hour. What the fuck? An hour!,” BadBunny complained during a stream. “What am I, working for free, what the fuck?”

The footage immediately caused a controversy and diverse reactions: from mockery and anger to explaining how streaming on Twitch, or anywhere else for that matter, actually works — something that BadBunny seemingly has not grasped. Big E, the streamer who posted the video on Twitter, provided one such short education himself.

“Don’t be stupid, no one owes you a thing,” he wrote.

DrDisrespect fires back

Of course, the controversy wouldn’t just end without some of the most loud-mouth streamers speaking out, and DrDisrespect is certainly one of them. During a recent Escape from Tarkov stream, the Doctor had a pretend call with his manager, demanding they find a way to make every person watching him pay.

“If people are going to watch me for free you better line up the contracts,” DrDisrespect shouted in the phone, and continued:

“How much does it cost to have HBO per month? Yeah, fucking like $14. […] Outdated content, Game of Thrones is done. Figure out a way for every single person watching this stream, force them to pay.”

How BadBunny’s reputation as a streamer — and from there her future sub count — will develop after such public backlash remains to be seen, as does whether more high profile figures in the industry will fire back for her unreasonable and badly put demands.

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