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Battle of Africa 2, which is a 3 v 3 Age of Empires tournament (with a prize pool of €20,000), is in the group stages and day 1 of the main stage brought out some amazing series. The best of the lot was between two of top teams in the tournament, Team Secret from Europe and YinYang from China. The best-of-5 series went all the way to a game 5, as you would expect, where the Chinese team dominated Team Secret to take the series 3-2. The entire day of action can be found here:

YinYang underwent some last minute team changes with internal shuffles happening between the multiple Chinese teams playing in the tournament. But that didn’t seem to deter them from putting out some incredible performances as they took on the top seeded team in the tournament. YinYang won the first game, lost the next two to go down 1-2, but played two amazing games to come back and win the series 3-2. It is commendable on how Lyx and Paladin created chaos (mostly Lyx in the chaos department) while Mr_Yo, who is fresh off his win from Red Bull Wololo, boomed in the pocket position and came in to finish the games.

Battle of Africa 2 groups

Why is this victory so important? Because the top team from each group gets a direct pass to the semifinals while the second and third teams move on to the quarter finals. The last team from the group is eliminated. The contest for the semifinal slot in group A was between Team Secret and YinYang and the Chinse team, with this win, has one foot in the semifinals.

Battle of Africa 2 continues tomorrow with the group stages and there will be some spicy AoE II action on display. Round 2 of the group stages will be played on the 24th of May while the final round will be played on the 30th of May. Make sure you catch all the action on

Battle of Africa 2 upcoming group stage games (taken from

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