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George “Hyped” Maganzini is the first Constructed champion in Artifact. The Team Liquid player defeated the opposition in the $10,000 WePlay Mighty Triad: Strength bout and has put his first Artifact trophy on the shelf.

Prospects weren’t good for Hyped meta-wise at the start of the playoffs. The American had chosen to pilot a blue/green Selemene Storm deck, but the archetype started with a series of losses in the round of 16. By the end of the round, all such UG decks were eliminated but his and even Hyped’s own round of 16 match was a close affair.

From there on, Hyped went on a roll, eliminating the RG Ramp of Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy and BR Aggro of Stan “LuckBox” Cifka to make the grand finals. There, his final test await.

To few people’s surprise, it was Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen waiting in the final. The Dane had brought a powerful BR Aggro deck, running Tinker as one of the heroes and The Oath as alternative finisher to Disciple of Nevermore. Between him and teammate Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert, the deck was undefeated and in fact the first loss it suffered was in the SK Telecom team-kill between the two in the quarter finals. Hoej’s build represented perhaps the most aggressive version of the archetype and had been killing people on turns 4 or 5 the entire tournament.

This is why Hoej was one of only two people that took a game off Hyped in the tournament. The series went to the deciding third game with both players one combat phase away from winning. With a big board in the middle lane facing a single blue hero, Hoej prayed that there was no mass removal. Unfortunately for him, Annihilation came down on initiative for Hyped, wiping everything and sealing the game for the Liquid player.

Hyped banks $5,000 for his championship, leaving $3,000 to Hoej and $1,000 to each of the semifinalists LuckBox and MieGod. All top 16 players will also be automatically seeded for the $15,000 Agility tournament, whose dates are yet to be announced.


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