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The H1Z1 Pro League is holding thousands of dollars in player peripherals and refusing to give them back. Mice, keyboards, and mousepads belonging to numerous players in the now defunct H1Z1 Pro League have been held under lock and key since the end of the first season of the league that ended on June 20. After more than two months of requests by teams to retrieve their gear, players and their organizations are becoming frustrated at the apparent stonewalling.


According to sources within the league, the administration team from the H1Z1 PL told teams that players could in fact take their gear home with them but would have to send the league new in-box items at the start of split two in order to compete. With rumors swirling that there may not be a second split, the players chose to leave their items with the league just in case, instead of buying all-new equipment for something that may never materialize.


One player who wished to remain anonymous told VPEsports, “When split two didn’t materialize and slowly but surely everyone has stopped replying to the us now ex-players, we became concerned and a little angry,” the source said. “None of us know how to get our peripherals back because nobody will talk to us.”


And with the league laying off most of its staff and the face of the league Jace Hall locking down his twitter account, contacting anybody that will return a message becomes more difficult with each passing day.


Players are now considering other options in an attempt to get their equipment back including filing a police report for theft.


“We just want our stuff back.”

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