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Dec. 20-22 saw the second constructed Artifact tournament take place. SeatStory Cup X came right in the middle of the major balance patch, which saw the nerf to a handful of powerful cards. Axe, Drow Ranger and Cheating Death were not spared and suddenly, the meta required different types of decks.

If UG Combo and BR Aggro ruled the previous tournament, SeatStory Cup’s meta significantly slowed down. George “Hyped” Maganzini came on top with a mono blue control — of of the three such decks in the top 8 — beating Petrify’s BR Midrange in the final.

Overall, the playoffs meta was one of midrange/control nature. The final tally shows three Mono U Control decks; three RG Ramps; one RB Midrange; and one RB Aggro. Below, you can see all decks from SeatStory Cup top 8. Clicking on the image will get you to the full decklist.

1st place: Hyped Mono U Control

hyped mono blue control

Click here to see Hyped’s deck.

2nd place: Petrify BR Midrange

petrify black red midrange

Click here to see Petrify’s deck

Top 4: Ekop RG Ramp

ekop rg ramp

Click here to see Ekop’s deck

Top 4: Tomas Mono U control

tomas mono u control

Click here to see Tomas’ deck

Top 8: Swim Mono U Control

swim mono blue

Click here to see Swim’s deck

Top 8: Dpmlicious RG Ramp

dpmlicious rg ramp

Click here to see Dpmlicious’ deck

Top 8: Xixo RB Payday

xixo br aggro

Click here to see Xixo’s deck

Top 8: Gaara RG Ramp

gaara rg ramp

Click here to see Gaara’s deck

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