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WePlay’s Artifact constructed tournament has had a bit of a stale meta so far. With the exception of Cong “StrifeCro” Shu’s UG Combo and Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk’s BR Payday Aggro, RG Ramps and BR Aggros have ruled the field. Even today’s matches don’t promise much in terms of variety, mostly featuring the two dominant archetypes plus a number of UG Combos. With the exception of MELO.

The Swedish player is coming with the only mono colored deck we’ve seen so far. MELO is running a pure blue control, relying exclusively on removal and card advantage to win the game.

If this list looks familiar, it’s because we’ve featured variations of it before. A few days into the public beta, Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero piloted a similar mono blue control to 5-0 in the Gauntlet. The differences between the lists are minor as the decks used the exact same five heroes. In fact, it’s mostly the item decks that don’t match. Where Mogwai’s list focuses almost entirely on health items, MELO’s has a few tech cards in there. Demagicking Maul has been the go-to item to destroy problematic improvements like Selemene’s Favor, Assault Ladders or Mist of Avernus. A couple of Claszureme Hourglasses are there to slow down the opponents’ hands.

MELO will play the deck in what’s been the most diverse group style-wise so far. The Swede opens against David “Luminous” Zhang’s UG Combo and then it’s facing either Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen’s RG Midrange or another UG Combo by MTG pro Pascal “PMayne” Maynard.

The players that have made it to the WePlay playoffs so far are:

WePlay playoffs line-up (6/16)

— StrifeCro: UG Combo
— Lifecoach: RG Midrange
— Xixo: BR “The Oath” Aggro
— StanCifka: BR Aggro
— MieGod: RG Ramp
— DrHippi: RG Ramp
— Hoej: BR “The Oath” Aggro
— MrYagut: BR “Payday” Aggro

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