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This Tuesday, George “Hyped” Maganzini won the first constructed tournament in Artifact: WePlay’s Mighty Triad: Strength. He did it dropping only two games in his entire playoffs run while piloting a blue/green (UG) Selemene’s Storm combo deck.

Judging by how the meta turned out in the round of 16, it could’ve ended early for Hyped. All UG Combo decks but his suffered defeat at the hands of red/green (RG) ramp decks or black/red (BR) aggros. Yet Hyped was able to withstand it all, beating the final boss of the tournament: Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen’s BR Aggro.

Let’s look at the champion’s list and explain how it wins games.

This UG Combo relies on getting infinite mana with Incarnation of Selemene. Once the creep is on the field, the deck starts playing its entire hand — mostly composed of removal cards and card draw — until it assembles the pieces it needs. Then, over a couple of turns, it takes both the first and Ancient tower to win the game.

There are a lot of mechanics to speed up the process, most notable Stars Align — green’s best ramp spell. Triple Aghanim’s Sanctum also help to get the combo out. A typical power turn by the deck would include:

  1. The UG Combo plays gust, locking the opponent out of reactions
  2. It plays one or two Stars Align to increase the maximum (and current) mana pool
  3. It refreshes the mana pool with Aghanim’s Sanctum to the now increased value
  4. It plays Incarnation of Selemene
  5. It plays everything else, typically finishing with Prey on the Weak and Emissary of the Quorum for a ridiculous board

With no other ramp mechanics (like Roseleaf Druid), the UG Combo can pull this off on Mana Turn (MT) 7 with one Stars Align, or MT5 with two.

While the deck is tempting to just buy off the Steam market, one should know of a few asterisks. First, it isn’t cheap and all cards total over $70. Second of all, it isn’t easy to play. Being a slow deck, the UG Combo will always be under a lot of pressure. Survival is knowing when and how to use your removal spells and how to get the most value out of your blue heroes. Lastly, it requires doing complicated combat math — you don’t want to ruin your combo by missing 2 points of damage.

So there you have it. If you’re feeling good enough, test the deck and you could very well rule constructed.

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