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The Dec. 21 patch did not spare a couple of Artifact’s top heroes. Drow Ranger had its Gust gutted and Axe saw a reduction to his combat stats. Yet even though he is not the same killing machine, Axe is still Artifact’s most expensive card.

The change of his stats from 7/2/11 to 6/2/10 apparently did little to hurt Axe’s popularity. The red hero still stands out on top of the market, selling for $9. What’s more, that isn’t even that big of a drop compared to a few weeks ago. Our Dec. 10 report listed Axe’s market price at $10.2 — 19 days and one balance patch later, the hero has lost just over a dollar in market value.

And why wouldn’t it? Axe is still great stat-wise and his signature card is unchanged. The same, for example, can’t be said for Drow Ranger. The green archer was selling for close to $8 but the nerf to Gust has caused her value to plummet. At the time of publish, Drow costs only about $3.9 — less than half its older price — and is no longer Artifact’s second-most expensive card.

What overtook Drow in the market rankings are blue’s heavy AoE removals. Mono blue control has been an archetype on the rise and as a result its core rares are now more expensive. A single copy of Annihilation goes for $5.7 and a copy of At Any Cost sells for just over $4. The good news is that the core blue heroes are still dirt cheap and each one but Kanna costs mere cents. As a result, a full mono blue control deck costs just under $40 if you have to buy it from scratch.

artifact card prices

The 15 most expensive Artifact cards at time of publish.

As a reminder, Artifact remains one of the cheapest card games to build a deck in, even if one accounts for its $20 purchase cost. The total cost for a full collection has been fluctuating somewhat, but nonetheless hovers around $150 for three copies of every single card. Say what you want, but these are some great Artifact card prices.

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