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Workers rights group Game Workers Unite calls for Bobby Kotick's firing

Photo by: Wikipedia commons Video game workers rights group Game Workers Unite is calling for Activision Blizzard to fire long-standing CEO

MTG Arena bans controversial Nexus of Fate from bo1 ladder

Artwork by: Mike Bierek | Wizards Wizards of the Coast has banned Nexus of Fate in selected Standard MTG Arena formats. The

Activision Blizzard: A Restructured Explanation

image: Activision Blizzard In a move that we knew was coming for a few days now, Activision Blizzard have laid off

ESL renew Facebook deal — but it's no longer exclusive

Esports tournament organizer ESL will continue its partnership with Facebook through 2019, the company announced Tuesday. The deal, however, will

Rekkles, Ocelote, Get_Right make Forbes' 30 under 30 list

Photo by: Riot Games Eight professional gamers made Forbes' 30 under 30 Sports & Games list. The acknowledged names find themselves

Rainbow Six's World Championship begins today

Six Invitational — Rainbow Six's world championship of an event — is set to begin today, Feb. 11. The tournament brings together

Activision Blizzard to cut jobs "in the hundreds", reports say

Photo by: Blizzard Activision Blizzard are heading for massive job cuts to be announced this Tuesday, Feb. 12. According to a

Team Liquid CEO criticizes how HGC was handled, as he releases Heroes team

Photo by: Team Liquid On Friday, Team Liquid released its Heroes of the Storm team. The move came as the logical

Apex Legends versus Fortnite: Battle Royale

image by Respawn Entertainment Competition between games has always been very heated from way back in the day with the likes

An Abduction, Threats, and "Lost" Money, A Russian Esports Story

It’s January 17th, 2019. Maria Mavrekh, a former marketing director of the esports ICO “Play2Live,” is walking home on what

Apex Legends $200,000 Twitch Rivals tournament to feature Shroud, DrDisrespect and more

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. After the booming success it's had on day one, Respawn's Apex

No, Apex Legends hasn’t “beaten” Fortnite

The Battle Royale genre has evolved into a weird meta Battle Royale in itself. Ever since PUBG opened the floodgates,