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Moonton is cracking down on profanity, derogatory/insulting language, and more in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the company has revealed.

In a post to the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page, the game’s publisher stated that their team is “committed to maintaining a fair and just game environment” which as been put into question by reports of excessive “profanity and insulting words.”

They stated that this “seriously affects the game environment and the game experience of other players” which is leading to their decision to penalize the player with this type of conduct. This penalization can be as extreme as a ban and will depend on the “degree of violation.”

The team has “enhanced the system identification” which will allow for easier detection that will in turn impose a punishment on those with repeated violations.

In addition, the process of manual reviews has been increased. If a player has been spotted by the manual report they “will be [SEVERELY] punished” according to the post.

To conclude the post, the team made a plea to the community of MLBB.

“Warriors, please stick to an upright, positive and optimistic attitude towards the game to treat other players in the game and jointly protect the game environment.”

Players can only hope those who see the post heed their warning and call to action to help improve the gaming environment.

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