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Sunsparks (Season 4/5) vs. Aether Main (Season 1):

Sunsparks, the season four and five MPL-Philippines winners, have won their opening match in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL-PH Champion Invitational. It wasn’t a walk in the park though as an early lead was torn away and forced a fifth and final match.

Things looked to be all Sunsparks early on with the latest and back-to-back MPL-PH champions going up 2-0 in the series with some quick matches to set up match point.

Aether Main, the season one champions, wouldn’t be going down without a fight, however, as vintage performances out of Coco and Yuji gave the team the opening they needed to bring it to 2-1. They would use that momentum to storm into match four and once again showcase exactly why they were the inaugural champions of MPL-PH.

Unfortunately their fairytale come back would end there as Jaypee took the reigns for Sunsparks with a sneaky play into the backline. The young star would finish with eight kills, seven assists, and three deaths to help guide his team to the ultimate victory in the fifth match.

ArkAngel (Season 3) vs. Cignal Ultra (Season 2):

It was another nail biter on the other side of the bracket between the season 3 and 2 champions. It wasn’t as lopsided in the start with both teams showing strength out of the gate.

Ryo, the current coach of ONIC PH, showed that he’s still got the mechanics to compete as he dominated throughout the series and especially in the fifth match. He would net himself seven kills, nine assists, and only one death to help his team secure the final map and series 3-2.

Week 1 – day 2:

One day two we’ll see Sunsparks up against Cignal Ultra while Aether Main and ArkAngel battle it out.

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