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During the unveiling on July 19, 2020, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang revealed additional details regarding Project NEXT including the official logo of the project. The team made sure to share some of the story behind the logo as well. Outside of the logo, the unveiling gave a first look at the revamp of Miya, one of the first heroes in MLBB.

The hero has received a cosmetic and visual update in addition to an adjustment of her abilities. Miya’s passive and second skills will grant higher damage output, stronger control ability, and more flexible positioning,” the official press release states.

03 米娅展示 03
Photo: MLBB

She isn’t the only hero already being worked on, however, as Alucard is also getting a rework. “The development team adjusted his original passive skill and removed the extra damage generated when hitting 2 targets. The new Passive allows Alucard to dump massive damage on a single target. Also, the extra life steal effect of his Ultimate Skill is removed and replaced with additional damage dealt on marked targets. The skill damage can trigger the Passive effect, further boosting his damage output.”

Photo: MLBB

In terms of the logo, William Mei, the Marketing Manager of MLBB in the Philippines explained that the “gold symbolizes glory, justice, and passion. The dazzling blue gem comes from the in-game defence turret, which not only represents hope but also acts as a beacon to guide us forward. The v-shaped part at the bottom, which is like a reflection of a mountain peak, symbolizes the past achievements and the whole fresh adventure awaits, just as the name “NEXT” implies.”


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