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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular one and with any game as big as this, there’s bound to be some issues. Currently some players are experiencing an issue in which they get to 100% on a loading screen and simply can’t go any further.

The stuck on 100% loading screen has swept across the game and left many looking for a fix. Well don’t worry, we’ve found a couple solutions that may help you get back into the game!

Follow the below instructions and let us know if it helps you!

How to Fix Mobile Legends Stuck On 100% in Loading Screen

  • One of the first things you want to try is clearing the cache and data of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your phone. This could remove anything holding it back and causing the freeze up.
  • If that doesn’t work, there’s always the option to uninstall the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game on your phone and then reinstall it.
  • If you’re using the GameLoop client on PC, you can uninstall the game > Check for a GameLoop client update > Head over to the client Settings menu > Uncheck the Google Installer under General > Click on Engine > Select DirectX+ (If not available then select OpenGL) > Select Memory (Half of your physical RAM) > Change Resolution to 1280×720 pixels > Click on Save > Then select OK.
  • Now you want to install the game on your device. While GameLoop users can install the game APK manually.

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