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 Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma becomes the second Filipino player to make the switch from competitive Dota 2 scene to the ever-growing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang field.

Flysolo leaves behind over ten years spent in the Dota 2 scene, where he’s been at the helm of numerous Southeast Asia teams. “I will try my luck and apply my drafting skills on this game. Bye Dota 2 world. It was a pleasure to meet you all,” posted Flysolo on his Facebook page. 

Unlike Mark “Jacko” Soriano, who moved to MLBB at the end of January when he got signed by Amihan E-sports, Flysolo decided to take a different approach and build his own team in Mobile Legends.

According to the announcement he made a couple of days ago, he already found a group of players who will be moving to his own house to fully focus and practice in a professional set-up. The team doesn’t have a name yet, Flysolo mentioned, and tryouts are still undergoing, but he is committed to put all his resources into this new project.

The veteran SEA captain began his esports journey back in the old DotA 1 days before transitioning to a professional Dota 2 career. Across the years he played under the Rave, WarriorsGaming.Unity and Clutch Gamers. Most recently, he played for DeToNator, Neon Esports and Lowkey Esports. He got to represent the SEA region at The Manila Masters and EPICENTER 2017, where he played with Clutch Gamers against the best teams in the world. At 29 years old, Flysolo gives himself two more years in the esports field, after which he wants to resume his studies if his plans for MLBB fail.

headline picture: EPICENTER

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