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BREN Esports have continued their streak over Smart Omega with a 2-1 win in The Nationals Season 2. The Philippine national event pinned the two Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League finalists against each other in a rematch of the grand final which saw BREN Esports walk away crowned champions.

BREN Epro as they’re known in the league went down in the first map thanks to a very strong performance out of Hadjizy on Helcurt and Toshi on Bruno. Adjustments moving forward would see that as the only success achieved by Smart Omega.

The rest of the series was seemingly the KarlTzy and FlapTzy show. The duo decimated the competition and looked cool, calm, and collected doing it. FlapTzy pulled off nine kills & four assists on Esmeralda to earn the MVP title in game three. In terms of kills, BREN left Omega in the dust by 10 with a score of 23-13 in less than 13 minutes of game play in.

The two teams are now tied at the top of the standings with BREN Esports holding a 6-1 record while Smart Omega moves to 5-2.

Laus Auto Group Playbook Esports has taken the third spot with a 3-2 record after handing Happy Feet an 0-2 loss. This puts Happy Feet in a defeated position at 0-6 on the season.

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