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Misfits Gaming announced Wednesday that they’ve transitioned to a 10-man roster for the 2019 LEC Summer Split. This will bring more flexibility to the team as they try to repair a disappointing Spring Split which left them towards the bottom of the table.

The move will significantly empower Misfits’ jungle position. Alongside Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian, the team will now also field veteran Thomas “Kirei” Yuen, who’s played for a number of high-profile teams throughout his career, including 1907 Fenerbahce with whom he won the last TCL season and qualified for 2019 MSI Play-ins.

While the move brings in more options to Misfits, it might not be enough to push them to LEC playoffs. Misfits finished 8th in Spring, above only Excel Esports and Rogue. Despite having great macro control, ranking high in terms of dragons and tower difference at 15 minutes, as well as a decent laning phase, Misfits struggled to consistently win teamfights and had one of the lowest KDA averages in the season.

The question for Misfits in the summer split is really how well the old roster has gelled and how the new teammates will be welcomed. The bot lane of Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and three-times LCK champion Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon has the potential to be one of the best in the leagues, but the impression from the Spring is that the duo still needs some more time. sOAZ is also new to the organization, coming from a long stint with Fnatic, and even veterans like the French need time to adjust.

“Having so many perspectives can be a double-edged sword,” Maxlore told ESPN in February. “It’s a lot of information and a lot of stuff to learn.”

Time will tell what adding five more players will do to said double-edged sword.

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