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The Age of Empires 2 esports scene is ramping up and one of the new stations on the hype train is King of the Desert 3! The event will be hosted by MembTV and will be sponsored by PinzTec. The tournament will be taking place in September, but the prizepool yet to be finalized.

King of the Desert is a 1 v 1 competetion that takes place only on Arabia. The civilizations keep changing but, the map stays the same. In the last iteration of the tournament, which took place at the start of 2019, TheViper defeted Liereyyy 5-3 in the best-of-9 grand finals.

This will be the first time King of the Desert will be played on Definitive Edition. Since the advent of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, AoE II tourments have been picking up pace. Red Bull Wololo, which was a 1 v 1 tournament, had a prize pool of $5,000. Battle of Africa 2, which was a 3 v 3 tournament, had a prize pool of more than $20,000. Memb mentioned on stream that a sponsor had approached him with $50,000 as prize pool for tournaments, but considering all touranments are being played online, the it will be divided into multiple events. VPESports will have the updates about King of the Desert 3 when more details about the event are revealed.

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