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The TI8 runner-up team PSG.LGD Gaming qualified for the Kuala Lumpur Major, which gave the players a few more weeks of a more relaxed schedule. Their mid-laner Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao even found the time to join the Chinese cast during the DreamLeague Season 10 qualifiers.

Maybe was in the mood for talk, sharing with Xie “DD” Bin, a  former LGD player who has retired from competitive play back in 2014, a couple of things about his teammates, about the team coach, Yao “QQQ” Yi and about Team Secret’s unconventional mid lane heroes.


Shadow Fiend and Anti-Mage: “Useless”

DD was trying to discuss why certain heroes vanished from the meta of if they are still working in different circumstances, like Shadow Fiend for example, a hero which Maybe excels at. However, Maybe said that currently “this hero is so useless that picking him in a pro match would be an auto-loss”.


Talking about Anti-Mage, hero which PSG.LGD actually tried in the KL Major qualifiers he said: “If this hero dies once, it’s GG. He’s not good at killing Roshan or taking objectives. He needs a lot of items to be able to solo-kill someone, and he cannot contribute much in team fights either. I don’t know what this hero can do other than split-pushing.”

Asked why they picked it though in the qualifiers, Maybe said that their coach QQQ is on a vacation right now and that Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi was drafting.


Chalice discovering Treant Protector: “This hero is fun, all I did was to cast Living Armor and we just won”

“Chalice was our drafter for the first few days in the KL qualifiers, and we lost a LOT of games and dropped to the lower bracket,” said Maybe and continued to explain how the team recovered to secure a spot at the first Major of the season. “Because of that, Chalice became so nervous that we could see his hands shaking during the drafting phase. Then he just became a puppet and listened to our draft suggestions. The next few matches our lineup was actually similar to OG’s – Treant plus Spectre. By the way, Chalice is so bad on Treant. When he was level 5, he skilled level 3 Living Armor and all he was doing was to be afk near the tower and cast Living Armor. After that game he was like “This hero is fun, all I did was casting Living Armor and we just won!”


Heroes QQQ decided to never pick at TI8

Asked by DD if he enjoys playing Broodmother, Maybe explained that actually, all three cores in his team practiced the hero, but after their coach watched the scrims he decided he would never pick the hero for any of them. Besides Brood being a no go, Maybe said that before TI8 QQQ gathered them and let them know which heroes should never been even considered in their TI8 drafts.

“He [QQQ] opened the hero page and started “deleting” heroes, as in building a consensus within the team on which heroes we should never pick at TI8, heroes like Meepo, Brood, Earth Spirit, etc. Speaking of Earth Spirit, Fy is so bad at this hero, he can set up some kills in the first 20 minutes but after that he becomes irrelevant. Also, Sand King, Fy once said and I quote: ”don’t you ever pick that hero for me, or I will just go feed.”

At some point DD asked Maybe if what Team Secret is doing sometimes is the definition of “playing for fun,” mentioning that on the past several days Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng was spamming mid Dazzle, question to which Maybe answered by recounting what QQQ talked with Team Secret’s captain and drafter, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov at MDL Changsha Major.


QQQ asked Puppey: “Are you guys hiding strats?”

“We met Secret in the lower bracket and they picked mid Jakiro. We won, and the next day at the after-party QQQ went and asked Puppey: “Are you guys hiding strats, why are you picking mid Dazzle and mid Jakiro all the time?” And Puppey started to complain that it is MidOne who wants to play these unconventional mid heroes. 71 was translating for them. Things don’t work that way in LGD though. The bald guy [QQQ] asks me which hero I want to play but my answer is always: I only want to play THIS one hero and he always ignores me. Well, to be to be fair, he would still listen to you if you have legit suggestions but if I answer Shadow Fiend or Anti-Mage, he is just ignoring me.”


An $11,500 Pugna Set

While watching one of the Royal Never Give-up games, DD noticed that Sun “Srf” Runfa has a truly rare Golden set for Pugna, which he said it goes for around 80,000 RMB (~$11,500) as there are a total of 21 pieces in the entire world. The set is the ultra rare drop from Trust of the Benefactor from TI6 and according to DD, besides Srf, in the Chinese community, Jiang “YYF” Cen and Huang “LongDD” Xiang, both retired players, also have it. The Pugna set story reminded Maybe something about one of his teammates: “Chalice has some tragic stories about cosmetics. Once he was so poor that he had to sell all his inventory for food.”

He didn’t go into details of what items Chalice once had and that’s all of the insights he shared during his time on the Chinese stream.


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