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The International 2019’s Main Event begun today with taking on PSG.LGD in the opening upper bracket series of the tournament. While the Chinese squad were on home turf, with thousands in the arena cheering for them, VP had showed great resilience in the group stages and were not going to be an easy opponent.

Before the Main Event begun, there were only 9 heroes that had not been picked at TI9, but VP would change that when they decided that it was time to bring out the Brewmaster offlane coupled with a mid-lane Dazzle. The early period of the game belonged to the CIS squad as they ran rings around LGD, taking the teamfight to them and coming out on top. VP took this advantage into the Roshan pit but that’s when things went horribly wrong. Claiming the first Aegis of TI came with a price – a complete turnaround as LGD ran at them with a 5-man Ravage from Yang ‘Chalice’ Shenyi on Tidehunter. From then on it was all LGD, forcing errors from VP; such as Vladimir Nikogosyan failing at an Echo Slam that could have changed the game.

Game two went exactly the same way with VP controlling the early period before a huge teamfight from LGD would turn the game on its head. Once again, the TI8 runner’s up took some time to find their footing and once they did, there seemed to be absolutely no stopping them. While VP’s base lay in ruins, they refused to give up, but the Divine Rapier pickup from Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu would soon change that.

It was absolutely meticulous play from PSG.LGD as they claimed their first win of The International 2019 main event, secured a guarenteed top 6 finsih and pushed into the lower bracket too. The first day of TI9 will still see many more series with another upper bracket series coming up next before the lower bracket will get under way.

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