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Monday, April 20, was the final day of the 2020 LPL Spring Split season, which decided the final standings coming into the Spring Playoffs. All playoff pairings are now decided and the tournament will resume Wednesday, April 22, with the round of 8 matches.

The final week 7 of LPL Spring passed under the sign of the race between JD Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix. FPX ended week 6 in comfortable position to be the second team behind ranking leaders Invictus Gaming, but over the course of the week, they surrendered the spot to JD Gaming’s rapid ascend.

While JDG stood in fourth place after week 6, the luck of the draw put them against some of LPL’s worst teams in week 7: Rogue Warriors, Dominus Esports, and LGD Gaming. This gave JDG the opportunity to go on a 6-0 streak, which could potentially put them ahead of FunPlus Phoenix and eStar, if the latter two made slipped even a little in their best-of-3s.

Fortunately for JDG, that’s exactly what happened. EStar lost 0-2 to Top Esports on Thursday, which ultimately brought them down to fifth place after weeks of being in the top 2. And yesterday, Top Esports helped JDG once again by sweeping FunPlus Phoenix, giving JD Gaming the necessary tie-breaker advantage to get 2nd place. TES themselves rose two positions in the final week to clutch a top 4 seed.

The pairings for the LPL Spring Playoffs therefore are:

One match a day will be played starting tomorrow and up to the bronze and grand final. The schedule breakdown is as follows:

  • April 22: eStar vs. Team WE
  • April 23: EDward Gaming vs. Royal Never Give Up
  • April 24: Top Esports vs. TBD
  • April 25: FunPlus Phoenix vs. TBD
  • April 26: Invictus Gaming vs. TBD
  • April 27: JD Gaming vs. TBD
  • April 29: Third place match
  • May 2: Grand finals
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