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One thing the Overwatch League still has is flair and that was show in plentiful amounts by the Los Angeles Valiant as they entered the arena tonight for their massive match-up with the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Before the series had even begun, this was the most hyped one of the day. New York Excelsior took a 4-0 over Fusion before the other crowd favourite, The Shanghai Dragons, were 4-0’d by Seoul Dynasty. But none of that really mattered when the home crowd had a LA battle coming up. Everyone expected a normal entrance, teams walking down the aisle, greeting fans and enjoying their time in the spotlight in this final stage of the Overwatch League – but Valiant had something different in mind. Suddenly it swaps away from the commentary desk as the team make a grand entrance followed by a huge ‘WINGS OUT’ chant from the crowd.

Win or lose, that entrance will definitely go down in history as one of the most epic moments of the Overwatch League. Can anyone top that in the coming weeks? That remains to be seen – but for now, the LA Valiant fans really make their presence felt.


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