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A new North American team is about to form with three Canadian, one Peruvian and one CIS player going to compete under a yet to be revealed name tag. The announcement was made Saturday, March 9 by  Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk on the Russian social media platform Telegram.

Lil didn’t reveal any of the team members except for himself. Stating that with this new team he will switch to the offlane and will take the drafting duties. “Since there’s no one to play with in CIS and it’s pointless to try in EU, I am going to conquer the NA region,” said Lil, who also mentioned that the other four guys have previously played together, which should make the transition easier for everyone. Aware of the Test 123 incident from the Chongqing Major, where the team was disqualified for playing with the majority of its players from North America while competing in the South American qualifiers, Lil said that he already moved to NA and took with him  a web camera and a microphone so he can stream his adventure for proof of his relocation.

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Lil is yet to play in a Dota Pro Circuit tournament this season. He left Na’Vi after TI8 and tried to from a team of his own in the CIS region, Odium. Soon after the team failed in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers,  two his teammates left to from NoPangolier, later on renamed to The Pango. Since then, Lil tried to qualify for the next DPC events with various CIS and EU stacks but with no success. The competitive season leading to TI9 is entering with the MDL Paris Disneyland Major qualifiers it’s second half and more likely we will witness a lot more shuffle activity in the next couple of weeks. The Paris Major regional qualifiers should start around 28 of March with the AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT Minor qualifiers following on the first week of April.

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