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Patch 1.4 arrives on Tuesday 23rd with some balance changes, a new mode, and the start of the Season of Fortune, and Riot Games offer us an early overview of what can we expect to see over the upcoming season.

The Season of Fortune will bring more than new cards to the table, that is the main goal of LoR developers, they want to make sure every season in this game feels different from the last, so they will include new modes and different ways to compete and use our collections.

New cards and a new region will come at the end of the Season of Fortune – Riot says – and they will make some updates to develop LoR’s competitive ecosystem, including a new competitive game mode called Gauntlets that is coming with next Patch 1.4, updates to how Masters-tier LP works, also coming with the new version, and the implementation of cross-shard friend challenge, available from Patch 1.6.


Gauntlets will be available with Patch 1.4. They are limited-time competitive modes with unique deckbuilding rules and will go live every weekend for about four days total, with weekly swaps between formats in the rotation.

As we can see in the picture, the first Gauntlet begins June 26 and will use standard deckbuilding rules as Riot Games test-drive the underlying tech.

The second type of Gauntlet, Singleton, will join the rotation on July 3 and will challenge us to build a deck using no more than one copy of each card.


Those who take on a particular Gauntlet format will receive a special icon, and if anyone makes it to seven wins will earn the exclusive Gauntlet Conqueror icon.

Riot Games are planning to add more exclusive rewards and improve the Gauntlet mode overall, using the technology to build their way to full-scale in-game tournaments.

Patch 1.4 will also bring us “a partial ranked reset and reward icons for our ranked performance during the Season of Plunder, a bunch of new personalization items in the store, 20+ card balance changes and reworks, and an update to Masters-tier LP”.

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