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Since its release back in April 2020, Legends of Runeterra has evolved and grown a lot, and players all around the world have fought against each other both in solo games and in tournaments, but none of those tournaments was “official”, or at least they were not hosted by Riot Games.

But this is about to change. Riot Games has announced a special event coming up together with two more Call of the Mountain expansions that will be added to the game within the upcoming months: The Legends of Runeterra Masters Europe – Chronicles of Targon.

For this event, Riot Games will select the best LoR players from 16 European countries “to discover which nation is truly the best at the game”.

Each country’s three highest-ranked players will form a super-team to defend their nation’s honor and will be able to win a price pool that is yet to be announced.

To know what players are to be eligible to compete in this international tournament, we will have to wait until the 12th of October, when the organizers will check on the in-game rankings and players who are those candidates.

Once we know the players, the LoR Masters Europe will start with the Group Stage, which will be celebrated from November 7th to November 22nd. There will be four groups fighting to advance to the Quarter-Finals, and only the top two teams from each of the four groups will pass to the next stage.

The Quarter-Finals will start on November 28th, and the Semi-Finals and Grand Final will be played the next day, on November 29th.

Roadmap Lor Masters Europe – Riot Games

With the schedule already checked, it is time to see what rules Riot Games has prepared:

  • In the Group Stages, all the teams must play every other country in their group twice. Only the top two teams of each group advance to Quarter-Finals.
  • No team will be able to rely solely on one individual. All three players from each nation will have to perform well.
  • Every week, teams will come together to build nine separate decks that they can use to compete. Only the champions of that deck will be revealed.
  • Group Stage will be played in Bo5 format. Teams will be able to ban three champions away from their opponents.
  • Every match will be played as a 3v3 with every competitor facing their equivalent seed. After winning a match, that team cannot use that deck for the rest of the series whereas the team that loses can choose to either stick with what they were playing or try another after each defeat.
Format Example – Riot Games

As we can see, the tournament is based in group play rather than individual gameplay, which makes the tournament more exciting and, to be honest, fair.

If you would like to participate and represent your nation you just need to be European and reach, at least, Diamond and become the third best player in your country. Riot Games said in their announcement that everyone can participate, each team will require at least two Master players, but the third seed of each group does not require the highest division, but it does require to be the third best player of your country…

Good luck!

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