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The last update for Legends of Runeterra brought many things, the Call of the Mountain expansion, a ranked reset, new features, and much more… But we already knew that Patch 1.8 wasn’t completely unveiled.

Riot Games announced that they were taking a week off last month and for that reason the current patch will last one week longer than usual. With that, Patch 1.9 will be skipped and we will jump straight to Patch 1.10, which will arrive the upcoming September 16th.

But now, after two weeks of playing the new “Targon meta”, Riot Games have announced a micro update for Patch 1.8 that goes live today and brings a new Lab, the fifth Lab of the game, called Inventor.

This new Lab will test “your ability to expect the unexpected and make the most of the hand you’re dealt” – Riot says.

While playing it, our decks will be full of ‘Invent’ cards, a one-mana-cost Burst spell that will allow us to pick a card between 3 random cards to create in hand and reduce its cost by 1.

This new Lab – Inventor, will only be available for one week. This is because, after this week, it will be replaced by the first-ever constructed Lab in Legends of Runeterra.

We will know further details about that new Lab with Patch 1.10 notes, so keep updated with us!

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