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Nautilus is the second Bilgewater champion coming to Legends of Runeterra with the April 28 patch. The massive tank also comes with a brand new keyword, Deep, which synergizes with another new mechanic in the game — Toss.

Nautilus starts as a massive 0/12 Tough tank, that is only there to soak pressure at the start. Many of the cards around him also have the Toss keyword, which makes them a perfect fit with Maokai, the new Shadow Isles champion which also abuses this deck mill mechanic.

Nautilus levels up when you are Deep, i.e. having 15 or fewer cards in your deck, meaning you’ll have to do a lot of Tossing. Once he levels up though, he returns all tossed followers that cost 4 or less back in the deck. In addition, minions with Deep get +3/+3 when Deep is triggered.

On top of that, we see cards that, when Tossed, are instead drawn into the hand. And many of them are very powerful.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a surge of mill decks on Runeterra release. Maokai and Nautilus look like a great pair — you toss away your deck until your level up Maokai, who then obliterates all but four non-champions from the enemy deck. Meanwhile, Nautilus returns all the tossed followers back in the deck, leaving you with plenty of resources to play, against the none of your opponent.

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