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This week we have welcomed the last version of Legends of Runeterra. Patch 1.12 notes revealed a new expansion, Monuments of Power, that brings many new cards, three new Champions, a new Lab, the reset of the ranked season, new cosmetics, and the announcement of the Seasonal tournaments.

Regarding the Seasonal tournaments, the official notes had no information at first, but a few hours ago, Riot Games finally did the announcement:

In the video above, Riot Games explain how the Seasonal Tournaments will work, who can participate, how to do it, and what rewards you can get, but to complete that information, the videogame company also published an article explaining the FAQ.

The Seasonal Tournaments are the apex of competition in Legends of Runeterra, which will take place at the end of each season, basically every two months.

Only 1024 players from each region will be able to compete. Everybody can be among these 1024 qualified players, and the way to access it will be through Ranked and Gauntlets.

Regarding the tournament structure, each seasonal tournament will take place over two days. On the first day, 5 Swiss Rounds of Bo3 series will take place to determine the top 32 players, who will advance to the second stage of the tournament, a week later, to compete in a single-elimination bracket.

The final winner will be crowned Season Champion and win the prize.

The first tournament will start the upcoming December 6. On that day (the day when the Monuments of Power season ends), the 1024 players will compete, and the 32 finalists will face each other on December 13.

You can check the tournament rules and characteristics here! Good luck!

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