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A new version of Legends of Runeterra hits the live servers with a new Champion-centric Lab, an update to round timers, the debut of Player Profiles, and Christmas presents!

Patch 1.15 is already available (it was released one day earlier than usual), and these are the news:

New Lab: Recursive Heroes 101


With this new Lab, we will be able to take our favourite champion in a singleton deck full of cards to support it. We can choose and take a premade deck or build our own singleton deck with only one champion of our choice.

These are the rules:

  • Your chosen champion always starts in your hand.
  • When your champion is killed, it becomes imprisoned in a Landmark that spawns in its place.
  • A Jailer will spawn on your opponent’s side of the board as your champion is imprisoned… you must kill your opponent’s Jailer to revive your champ next round.

Round Timer Update

The new version of Legends of Runeterra brings an update to Round Timers so they can be smoother:


A new term has been introduced: Banked Time.

We will be able to bank extra time for later rounds by acting quickly!

  • Time Banking: Ending your turn earlier will bank extra time. Once you’ve stored up some time, you can spend it on more complex turns that require a little extra thought.
  • Time Falloff: Taking identical actions within a round gives less additional time each time that action is taken.

Player Profiles

This new characteristic has been added with Patch 1.15 and allows us to track our journey through the game, by clicking/tapping on our Player Icon, which provides an overview of our collection’s completion rate, Region Road progress, and more.


Seasonal Tournaments

As Riot Games previously announced, Seasonal Tournaments are on the way, and it is time to practice and prepare for them. In the meantime, you can check your current Rank and Prime Glories by checking out the new Tournament tab in-game.

Plus, Riot Games announced that, apart from the cash prizes to the top 32 competitors, all Seasonal Tournament participants will receive a Tournament Competitor Icon, and if they are able to win at least 3 games in the tournament, they will get the Tournament Competitor Card Back:


Boards: Snowy Glade


Guardians: Umpa


Card Backs: Snow Day


Bundles: Snow Day

Available in the store for 2394 Coins. Includes Snowy Glade Board, Umpa Guardian, Snow Day Umpa Guardian Variant, and Snow Day Card Back.



Collective Support:

  • Added: Lunari Shadestalker.
  • Removed: Herald of Spring, Nopeify!, Startled Stomper, Swole Squirrel.

Dragon’s Descent:

  • Added: Radiant Strike, Sunblessed Vigor, Wish.
  • Removed: Guiding Touch, Hush (listed in the 1.14 notes but was inadvertently left out), Laurent Duelist, Sunburst.

Mending Touch:

  • Star Spring will now always appear in Mending Touch packs seen during the initial Champion Picks of a draft (listed in the 1.14 notes but was inadvertently left out).

Spell Slingers:

  • Added: Steel Tempest.
  • Removed: Horns of the Dragon, Rivershaper, Twin Disciplines.


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