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Gangplank and Twisted Fate are the two latest champions that will join the Bilgewater region in Legends of Runeterra, and they have vastly different playstyles.

Gangplank in Legends of Runeterra

Gangplank is an aggro/midrange champion, whose theme is about stacking Powder Kegs. Powder Kegs are 0/1 units who can’t attack or block and have Vulnerable (meaning they can be challenged by any unit), but they aren’t meant to be combat units in the first place. Each Powder Keg increases the damage of the owner’s spells and abilities by one, after which all of them are destroyed.

Gangplank himself is a 5/5 for 5 mana with Overwhelm and he levels up when you’ve damaged the enemy Nexus in five different rounds. After that, he starts spawning Powder Kegs each round and when he attacks, he deals 1 damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus — damage which is of course amplified by the Kegs.

Expect Gangplank to be the new best friend of Noxus aggro decks. The powder Kegs are a nice boost to Crimson Disciple, Legion Saboteur, and Legion Grenadier, whose abilities deal damage to the enemy Nexus. Piltover Gangplank decks are also likely to be a thing, with P&Z having a lot of direct damage spells, as well as Boomcrew Rookie — a core unit for current top Jinx discard aggros.

Twisted Fate in Legends of Runeterra

Twisted Fate, on the other hand, is all about card advantage, rather than direct damage. TF is a feeble 2/2 for 4 mana, who plays one of three Destiny cards when played. When he’s seen you draw 8+ cards, he levels up, and then starts playing Destiny Cards on the first three cards you play each round.

What do these Destiny Cards do, though? They are all 0-mana slow spells. The blue draws 1 and refills 1 spells mana; the red deals 1 damage to all enemies and the Nexus (Powder Keg synergy!); and the gold deals 2 damage and stuns the strongest enemy.

This makes Twisted Fate a very control-oriented champion and he has a lot of good friends to pair up with. Ezreal and Karma are natural choices, but the new Lee Sin also likes to see you play spells so he can level up fast.

Twisted Fate also introduces a new gameplay mechanic: drawing fleeting cards in the next round. His signature Pick a Card is a great way to refresh your hand with new tools, allowing you to return a card you don’t need back in the deck and draw three fleeting ones next turn. And while you do lose fleeting cards at the end of the turn, proper mana management can reduce this loss to a minimum and potentially even win you the game, as it gives you a wider variety of resources to deal with the next turn.

Legends of Runeterra officially launches April 20. The expansion with the new cards arrives April 28. Only the last Bilgewater champion remains, and it’s likely to be Miss Fortune.

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