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Riot Games keep revealing many cards, champions, keywords, and spells that the Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain expansion will bring next August 26th.

After Taric being revealed, together with some new followers, the next announcement for this new expansion was a set of 5 new collectible cards consisting of 5 support-focused followers that will join the Ionia region: Young Witch, Flower Child, Fuzzy Caretaker, Tasty Faefolk, and Swole Squirrel.

  • Young Witch: a two-mana-cost Elusive unit with 1/1 stats and a Support ability that grants a supported ally Quick Attack and +1|+0 in the round.
  • Flower Child: a one-mana-cost unit with 1/2 stats that gets +2|+0 stats when supported.
  • Fuzzy Caretaker: a four-mana-cost unit with 3/3 stats that gets +0|+3 when supported in one round and has a Support ability that grants an ally +3|+0 in the same round.
  • Tasty Faefolk: a three-mana-cost Lifesteal unit with 4/2 stats.
  • Swole Squirrel: a four-mana-cost unit with a Strike ability that doubles its power every time it strikes.

New Champ: Lulu

Lulu was the second champion announced for Call of the Mountain expansion, keeping the support mechanics that had all the previous reveals.

Lulu will be a three-mana-cost Champion Unit with 2/3 stats and a Support ability with which a supported ally will “grow up to 4|4” in one round. She will reach her leveled form when our allies have been supported more than three times.

This leveled form is also a three-mana-cost unit with 3/4 stats and two abilities: Round Start will create a fleeting “Help, Pix!” in our hand, and Support will grant a supported ally stats up to 5/5 in one round.

Help, Pix!” is a one-mana-cost Burst Spell that gives either an ally Barrier or Vulnerable to an enemy in one round, but cannot be cast in combat or response to a spell.

Together with Lulu, a new champion spell called Whimsy will come to Legends of Runeterra. Whimsy is a Burst spell that transforms a follower into a 1/1 Squirrel and Silences it for one round.


New Keyword – Behold

The next announcement for Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion revealed six new collectible cards and a new keyword: Behold, a new mechanic that grants bonus effects if we have a type of card in play or in our hand.

  • Faces of the Old Ones: a two-mana-cost unit with 0/2 stats and a Round Start ability that grants an extra mana gem for one round if we Behold an 8+ cost card.
  • Troll Scavenger: a two-mana-cost unit with 1/3 stats that gains +3|+0 in stats if we Behold an 8+ cost card when he is summoned.
  • Troll Ravager: a four-mana-cost unit with 3/5 stats that gains Regeneration if we Behold an 8+ cost card when he is summoned.
  • Uzgar the Ancient: an eight-mana-cost unit with 7/7 stats and with Challenger and Regeneration abilities.
  • Troll Chant: a two-mana-cost Burst spell that grants an ally +0|+2 in stats or gives an enemy -0|-2 for one round.
  • Call the Wild: a three-mana-cost Burst spell that draws each Yeti, Poro, and Elnuk for the top 4 cards in our decks and then shuffle the rest into our deck.

After all these new cards being announced, it was pretty clear that Trundle was going to be the next Champion revealed… and it happened.

New Champ: Trundle

“The King of Trolls” will join the Freljord champion roster in Legends of Runeterra with the Call of the Mountain expansion next August 26th and will be an important part of the new Behold mechanic.

Trundle will be a five-mana-cost Champion with 4/6 stats and the Regeneration keyword. When Trundle is summoned, it creates an Ice Pillar in our hand. Trundle reaches its leveled form when he sees that we summon an Ice Pillar.

This leveled form is also a five-mana-cost unit with 5/7 stats and Regeneration and Overwhelm keywords. When it is summoned, it creates another Ice Pillar in hand and also has a new effect, Attack, that grants Trundle +1|+0 in stats for each 8+ cost card that we Behold.

Ice Pillar is an eigh-mana-cost unit with 0/8 stats that grants the strongest enemy Frostbite and Vulnerable when its played during Round Start. It also refills eigh mana after being played.


New Keyword – Nightfall

The last announcement we have from Riot Games for the moment is the release of a new Keyword: Nightfall, that grants bonus if this is not the first card we play in one round.

This new Keyword didn’t come alone, and five new collectible cards from Shadow Isle have been revealed too: Stygian Onlooker, Doombeast, Duskrider, Passage Unearned, and Encroaching Shadows.

  • Stygian Onlooker: a one-mana-cost unit with 2/1 stats that has the Nightfall ability and grants itself +2|+0 in stats and Fearsome for one round.
  • Doombeast: a three-mana-cost unit with 3/2 stats and the Nightfall ability that drains the enemy Nexus two health points.
  • Duskrider: a five-mana-cost Fearsome unit with 2/5 stats and the Nightfall ability that grants itself +1|+0 fore each team we have activated Nightfall in the entire game.
  • Passage Unearned: a three-mana-cost Fast spell that Obliterates all units that were summoned, but not played, this round.
  • Encroaching Shadows: a four-mana-cost Burst spell that grants all allies in deck and hand +2|+2 in stats and Ephemeral.

Riot Games will keep revealing new stuff for Call of the Mountain expansion before its official release. Nocturne will be the next Champion to be announced, so stay tuned and don’t miss anything!

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