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A new update arrives at Legends of Runeterra with Patch 1.12, and the Call of the Mountain set grows bigger with a new expansion that will bring us new Champions and cards. Also, the patch brings card updates, region road updates, and more.

New Expansion: Monuments of Power

This new expansion brings 40 new collectible cards and 3 new champions: Shyvana, Soraka, and Tahm Kench, as well as a new card type: Landmarks.

As mentioned before, Monuments of Power is a part of the Call of the Mountain set, exactly its second expansion (the last one will be the upcoming December).

Every card of this expansion has been announced on the Legends of Runeterra official social channels, check them all here!

Region Road Updates

Patch 1.12 extends the Region Roads for Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia:

  • Targon road extended from 20 to 25 levels. We can now obtain the free Targon regional card back by reaching the end of the Targon road.
  • Bilgewater and Demacia roads extended from 25 to 29 levels. The new levels for these regions will only drop Call of the Mountain cards (both expansions), until we unlock them all.
  • The road levels added to Freljord and Shadow Isles‘ last expansion (25-29) are no longer anchored to Call of the Mountain cards, so they can now drop anything.

Card Updates

Genevieve Elmheart: health decreases from 5 to 4.

Bastion: its mana cost increases from 3 to 4.

Hush: its cost decreases from 3 to 2, and its old text “Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting {Hush} in hand that costs 1 more” changes now to “Silence a unit this round”.

Living Legends: its old text “Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana” changes to “Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana gems to full. Note that this will no longer refill our spell mana.


In the announcement of the Patch, Riot Games told us that they are experimenting with a quicker rotation for Labs.

Due to that, one week after the release of the expansion, we will have A Landmark Occasion:

One week after, there will be a change, and the ARAM Lab will come back with a few changes, Riot says. “Rather than building a deck, choose from a mulligan full of champion cards to compose your opening hand and your deck. Champions from the newest expansions have joined the fray, and some especially dead draws have been removed from the card pool”.


Boards: Haunted Grounds.


Guardians: Infernal Drake


Card Backs: Boo! and Dragonborn.




Bundles: the Harrowing bundle, that includes Haunted Grounds Board and the Boo! Card Back is now available at the store for 1332 coins.

The emotes of Power bundle are now available for 570 coins. If you take them all, you will get a 25% discount.

Deck Bundles: the Dragonborn bundle, that includes Draconic Fury Deck, Infernal Drake Guardian, Dragonborn Card Back, and an exclusive Shyvana emote “Fired Up”, is now available for 3339 coins.



New archetypes have been added with the expansion, featuring the new champions, Landmarks, and strategies.

  • Four new Monuments of Power archetypes have been added to the Expeditions draft pool: Dragon’s Descent, Mending Touch, Fists of the Dragon, and Blood on the Ice.
  • Monuments of Power archetypes will temporarily be three times as likely as they would otherwise be to appear in the initial Champion picks.
  • Cards from Monuments of Power have been added to various appropriate archetypes.

Ranked Rewards & New Season

As always, the new expansion comes alongside a new ranked season and ranked reward icons for the just-finished season.


Ranks will be partially reset for the new season: master accounts will drop 8 divisions; diamond and platinum 750LP (7 divisions + 50 LP); gold and silver 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP); bronze and Iron will reset to Iron IV.

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