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Praise be to the data miners as they seem to have uncovered details regarding the highly anticipated Apex Legends battle pass.

While the newly discovered details don’t contain any specific images, they do give us a better understanding of what’s to come. The original set of leaks mined by @RealApexLeaks showcases the battle pass buttons. These should of course link to details regarding the pass, sign up, rewards, and more.

Additional images which can be found below were also discovered and present us with the contents of the battle pass. Found were character skins, which many had assumed would be the case given the highly successful nature of Fortnite’s battle pass. Additionally, there is a “battle pass bonus” within the files although there’s no additional details as to what that entails.

The remaining leaks discovered cover things such as a new lobby, icons, status, and more. You can check out the leaked images below for yourself.

Per usual, leaks are not in any way official until confirmed by or implemented by Respawn Entertainment.

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