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Today, SK Telecom T1 announced the acquisition of former Afreeca Freecs coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min. Zefa will join SKT’s coaching staff and aid head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun in the 2019 season. Zefa has previously served as a coach on both the Afreeca Freecs and Kongdoo Monster.

Zefa is most well-known for playing AD carry in the past for Najin White Shield and Najin e-mFire. As a player, he represented Najin White Shield at the 2014 World Championship, making it to the round-of-8 before being eliminated by Chinese team OhMyGod. After news of his health issues broke, Zefa took a break from esports and returned a year later to start his coaching career with Kongdoo Monster.

Kongdoo Monster was never particularly successful, but Zefa proved his worth as a coach on the Afreeca Freecs. He was part of the Afreeca Freecs coaching staff for the entire 2018 season, aiding in the team’s World Championship appearance. Afreeca fell out of Worlds in the round-of-8, but Zefa is still credited for the team’s overall success during the year. Both in the Korean and international scene, his value to the team was made known.

Moving forward, this is another star-level acquisition for SKT. Zefa was heralded as a strong coach during the year and will bring even more to a talented SKT lineup. kkOma is arguably the greatest coach to ever grace League of Legends, but the big man can always use a little more help.

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