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Echo Fox announced the acquisition of Korean jungler Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae and Korean mid laner Kim “Fenix” Jae-hoon. This marks Rush’s return to the North American LoL Championship series after leaving Cloud9 in 2016. Since then, he served as a substitute jungler for KT rolster. He also previously spent time with Team Impulse in 2015 and KT Rolster in 2018.

Rush began his career in 2015 with Team Impulse, earning attention for being Rank One on the Korean solo queue ladder. Despite being born and raised in Korea, his English was exceptional once he arrived in North America. Building his reputation as an aggressive, mechanical intensive jungler, Rush brought Team Impulse to the playoffs twice in 2015 and won the Most Valuable Player award in Summer.

After spending time with Cloud9 in 2016, Rush largely abandoned League of Legends for 2017, occasionally climbing on the Korean ladder. However, in 2018, he joined KT Rolster and largely served as a substitute for Go “Score” Dong-bin. Many North American fans have awaited Rush’s return and there’s no doubt that his acquisition makes Echo Fox an easy fan-favorite for 2019. His streams and “troll” personality were missed by the region for much of 2017 and his return promises a more exciting 2019 for the NA LCS.

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