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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – Afreeca Freecs (LCK) vs Phong Vu Buffalo (VN)
Projected Winner: Afreeca Freecs
Picks and Bans:

Afreeca Freecs finally put a win on the board

No one expected Afreeca Freecs to open their Worlds with an 0-2 start. Korea as a whole has looked underwhelming at the 2018 World Championship. On the other side of the rift, Phong Vu Buffalo had shocked everyone with a complete upset over G2 Esports. In the draft, it was a little confusing that Phong Vu opted into letting Kramer first pick his Varus. Their overall team composition had a strong emphasis on team fights. On the side of Afreeca, their team composition had that both could team fight and disengage the team fight.

The game started off relatively slow with the lanes playing out how expected. First blood was found in the top lane by Phong Vu as they took down Kiin. But Kuro and Mowgli were able to turn the play around and collect two kills for the Swain on Zeros and Naul as the skirmish continued to play out. The game continued to be bloody as the teams traded kills in the top lane again. A proactive play on Afreeca gave them first tower blood and also allowed them to be up on dragon control. The game truly came off the rails for Phong Vu after Afreeca were able to out fight them in the mid lane around the 20 minute mark. With the five versus two advantage, the Freecs were able to secure baron. From there, it was a clinic by Afreeca on how to close out a game as they applied pressure on all three inhibitors. As Phong Vu tried to make a final stand in the bottom lane, Afreeca was able to rout them in the team fight and take their first victory at Worlds.


Afreeca Freecs: 12/2/28

Kiin: 5.5 KDA w/ 266 cs
Mowgli: 9 KDA w/ 139 cs
Kuro: 8 KDA w/ 282 cs
Kramer: 6 KDA w/ 308 cs
TusiN: 6 KDA w/ 64 cs

Phong Vu Buffalo: 2/12/2

Zeros: 0.4 KDA w/ 232 cs
Meliodas: 0.33 KDA w/ 153 cs
Naul: 0.5 KDA w/ 224 cs
BigKoro: 0 KDA w/ 278 cs
Palette: 0 KDA w/ 9 cs

Winner: Afreeca Freecs

Game 2 – G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs Flash Wolves (LMS)
Projected Winner: Flash Wolves
Picks and Bans:

Wunder capitalizes on a poor baron call by Flash Wolves and ends the game on his own

The Flash Wolves have started their 2018 Worlds matching the expectations that people have had set for them; starting their group play 2-0. For G2 Esports, they surprised everyone with a win over Afreeca only to then be upset by Phong Vu Buffalo. In the draft, Flash Wolves opted into a protect the marksmen comp as they locked in four tanks to support their Xayah. This gave them a strong team fight composition. G2, however, settled on playing a strong 1-3-1 comp with Tahm Kench and Nocturne to give them the ability to rotate to the split pushers.

The early game looked really good for the Flash Wolves as Moojin and Maple were able to secure first blood on Perkz in the mid lane. Maple would then rotate to the bot lane and would assist Betty and SwordArt in taking down Wadid. But as the game began to transition to the mid game, thing would start to come apart for the Flash Wolves. Jankos found Moojin alone in the river and with the combination of his ult and a follow up play by Perkz, G2 were able to secure a kill on him. Jankos would then find a kill onto SwordArt in the bot lane. As the game continued to play, G2 leveraged the power of their two split pushers to push and pull the Flash Wolves all over the map. The LMS first seed would attempt baron at the 30 minute mark in an attempt to use their man advantage to take it quickly. But Wunder used that opportunity to take the bottom lane inhibitor and with a minion wave with him, began to pressure the nexus towers. The Flash Wolves would be able to take the baron, but G2 was able to stall their recalls enough to allow Wunder to take the nexus down.


G2 Esports: 4/3/6

Wunder: 2 KDA w/ 366 cs
Jankos: 4 KDA w/ 188 cs
Perkz: 1 KDA w/ 355 cs
Hjarnan: 1 KDA w/ 351 cs
Wadid: 1 KDA w/ 58 cs

Flash Wolves: 3/4/6

Hanabi: 0.5 KDA w/ 262 cs
Moojin: 2 KDA w/ 175 cs
Maple: 2 KDA w/ 313 cs
Betty: 2 KDA w/ 341
SwordArt: 2 KDA w/ 82 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 3 – Invictus Gaming (LPL) vs 100 Thieves (NA LCS)
Projected Winner: Invictus Gaming
Picks and Bans:

Baolan shows Aphromoo how you play Thresh

Invictus Gaming is the team to take Royal Never Give Up, one of the favorites to win Worlds, to the limit domestically and they’ve shown why in this group phase. 100 Thieves has struggled to look commanding so far and has to rely on mechanical outplays to get the win they have. In the draft, Invictus opted into a pick composition with good hard engage. 100 Thieves composition was more focused on pulling off the 1-3-1.

At the start of the game, 100 Thieves are able to pull of an outplay as AnDa is able to turn around being caught out in the jungle into first and second blood kill with the help of Ryu and Ssumday. On the bot side of the map, however, Invictus would play through JackeyLove as they were able to collect kill after kill on Rikara and Aphromoo. Eventually, 100 Thieves would answer with a three man dive on TheShy, but the resulting play would cause them to lose top and mid outer turrets. As 100 Thieves would try to defend there middle inner tower, a great engage by Ning would start a team fight that would see the Thieves routed and give iG both mid inner and inhibitor towers. After resetting on the map, iG would return to the mid lane to take down the inhibitor. 100 Thieves would lose the game after a team fight in the bottom lane by their inhibitor tower went poorly as they got ace’d by Invictus Gaming. Invictus Gaming is now 3-0 and has sole position of first place in Group D.


Invictus Gaming: 15/7/41

TheShy: 2.7 KDA w/ 129 cs
Ning: 4 KDA w/ 107 cs
Rookie: 9 KDA w/ 194 cs
JackeyLove: 13 KDA w/ 204 cs
Baolan: 14 KDA w/ 6 cs

100 Thieves: 7/14/17

Ssumday: 3 KDA w/ 179 cs
AnDa: 2 KDA w/ 92 cs
Ryu: 2.3 KDA w/ 163 cs
Rikara: 0.5 KDA w/ 175 cs
Aphromoo: 1 KDA w/ 35 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 4 – G-Rex (LMS) vs Fnatic (EU LCS)
Projected Winner: Fnatic
Picks and Bans:

Bwipo comes in to help Fnatic put on a clinic versus G-Rex

In the Play-In stage, G-Rex looked extremely dominant and there were expectations for them to continue that charge in the Main stage. Unfortunately for them, they opened group play 0-2. Similarly, there were high expectations for Fnatic to do really well in their group. However, in the loss to Invictus Gaming, they were taken to school. Both teams brought in subs on the day, with Empt2y coming back to G-Rex and Fnatic brought in Bwipo. In draft, G-Rex built with pick potential and with the ability to protect Stitch. On the side of Fnatic, their team composition was more about comfort picks down the line.

The game start poorly for G-Rex as PK and Empt2y would fail a turret dive on Bwipo. Caps and Broxah would show up as they two G-Rex members tried to escape and Caps would secure a kill onto Empt2y for first blood. Broxah’s Lee Sin proved to be a menace for G-Rex as he maneuvered around the map making plays for the Fnatic roster. He would end the game with a 15 KDA and would receive Player of the Game as well. Fnatic turned this game into a clinic as they win one of the shortest games of this Worlds at 24 minutes.


G-Rex: 5/15/12

PK: 3 KDA w/ 195 cs
Empt2y: 0.5 KDA w/ 113 cs
Candy: 1 KDA w/ 226 cs
Stitch: 1.25 KDA w/ 219 cs
Koala: 1 KDA w/ 16 cs

Fnatic: 15/5/42

Bwipo 4.5 KDA w/ 193 cs
Broxah 15 KDA w/ 124 cs
Caps 8 KDA w/ 246 cs
Rekkles 14 KDA w/ 247 cs
Hylissang 4 KDA w/ 49 cs

Winner: Fnatic

Game 5 – Team Liquid (NA LCS) vs Mad Team (LMS)
Projected Winner: Team Liquid
Picks and Bans:

The Team Liquid that dominated North America arrives in Busan

Worlds was starting to look like a repeat of the Mid Season Invitational for Team Liquid. Again, the North American powerhouse was underperforming on the international stage. For Mad Team, the second seed from the LMS was also have a rough go in the group stage. Both teams were hungry for a win. In the draft, Team Liquid a pick comp based of comfort picks with Impact on Shen, Olleh on Alistar, and Doublelift on a carry. For Mad, their comp was all about damage with Cassiopeia in the mid lane, Varus for Breeze, and Taliyah in the jungle.

Early in the game, Olleh made an aggressive play onto K in an attempt to get damage down on the Tahm Kench. This backfired for the TL support as Breeze and K turned and burned damage onto Alistar – securing the first blood. After the backfired play, it seemed that this would be another Team Liquid slow burner of a game. However, around the 13 minute mark, TL is able to get a pick onto Breeze. With the full 5 man squad in the bottom lane, Team Liquid are able to take the Mountain drake. After take of the drake, Mad tries to engage on the North American first seed. The play goes awry as Team Liquid is able to take down three members on the side of Mad Team. From there, TL is able to balloon to an 8K gold lead as they lead Mad Team five turrets to none. Xmithe was able to use the Paranoia to get a pick onto K and Team Liquid use the man advantage to push in the top and mid lane minion waves. Once they do that, they make a play onto baron, where Kongyue attempts to steal it and is unsuccessful – costing him his life. After the baron take, Team Liquid used their power play to make short work of Mad Team and finally put a win on the board.


Team Liquid: 10/1/25

Impact: 7.0 KDA w/ 391 cs
Xmithie: 8.0 KDA w/ 243 cs
Pobelter: 7.0 KDA w/ 377 cs
Doublelift: 6.0 KDA w/ 462 cs
Olleh: 7.0 KDA w/ 52 cs


Liang: 0 KDA w/ 319 cs
Kongyue: 0.3 KDA w/ 154 cs
Uniboy: 0 KDA w/ 365 cs
Breeze: 0.3 KDA w/ 379
K: 0.5 KDA w/ 54 cs

Winner: Team Liquid

Game 6 – kt Rolster (LCK) vs Edward Gaming (LPL)
Projected Winner: kt Rolster
Picks and Bans:

KT win the battle versus EDG for first place in Group C

In both of their games, kt Rolster and Edward Gaming looked commanding in their victories versus the rest of their group. Despite this, the analysts gave the prediction in the favor of kt Rolster. In the draft, the two teams traded away power picks. KT had settled on a team composition based around full on team fights. Where as EDG’s composition was centered around 1-3-1 with the ability to put Azir and Akali in the side lanes.

The battle for first place start with first blood for KT in the bot lane as Score links up with his laners to secure a kill onto iBoy. The bot lane would continue to see a lot of action as a failed dive by kt Rolster would turn into a full five v five team fight – seeing kt come out on top with a kill onto Meiko. Not soon after KT would return to the scene of the crime and had a more successful dive as they take down both parts of the EDG bot lane. The game would stay in the hands of kt Rolster for the remainder of the game as KT would get a five to one turret advantage. The game would be over for the LPL third seed after a team fight initiated by Mata in EDG’s jungle would end with KT securing several kills and taking the baron. With their gold lead ballooned, kt Rolster would close out the game and take sole possession of first place in Group C.


KT: 9/2/24

Smeb: 5 KDA w/ 243cs
Score: 7 KDA w/ 167cs
Ucal: 5 KDA w/ 334cs
Deft: 8 KDA w/ 372cs
Mata: 8 KDA w/ 59cs

Edward Gaming: 2/9/2

Ray: 0KDA w/ 271cs
Clearlove: 0 KDA w/ 130cs
Scout: 1 KDA w/ 346cs
iBoy: .5 KDA w/ 362cs
Meiko: 1 KDA w/ 13cs

Winner: kt Rolster

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