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16 teams – 12 that qualified for the Group Stage directly, and 4 from the Play-In Stage – are drawn into four groups. Each group plays a Double Round-Robin, Best of 1 series.

The two highest-ranked teams from each group will move on to the final leg of the tournament, the Knockout Stage.

Game 1 – Mad Team (LMS) vs kt Rolster (LCK)
Projected Winner: kt Rolster
Picks and Bans:

kt Rolster continues to be shining ray of hope for Korea at Worlds

Korea has started this Worlds with their worst record in history – 1 and 4. The only Korean representative to have a victory on the Worlds stage is kt Rolster, Korea’s number one seed. On the side of the LMS, they had an even score of 2-2; with the Flash Wolves holding the only wins for the region. During the desk segment, kt Rolster were the heavy favored team. Mad Team’s play style was ill suited to face off against them as kt Rolster is better than Mad Team in playing controlled League of Legends. In the draft, Mad Team fell for the bait of picking up Rakan while leaving the Leona open. Opting into a losing bot lane would prove to be an issue for the LMS representatives.

As the game began, the combination of Deft and Mata were able to develop a significant gold lead without the need of jungle intervention. The rest of the map wasn’t looking too great for the rest of Mad Team with the exception of the jungle matchup. Proactive play allowed kt Rolster to take Infernal drake, trading away Score’s red buff in the process. First blood is scored by Score when Liang tried to be aggressive onto Smeb which backfired. As he tried to escape, he was chased down by Taliyah. The game was blown open by the side of kt when a fight erupted in the river by Rift Herald, as Kongyue and Uniboy collapsed onto Score and Ucal. As they Mad Team jungle mid duo were able to take out Score, the ensuing team fight proved disastrous for Mad Team. From then on, Mad Team slowly bled out as kt Rolster played slow controlled League of Legends, taking objective after objective. After securing a kill on Uniboy at the top inner turret, KT went on to secure the baron. With baron buff in hand, kt Rolster made short work of Mad Team and win with one of the fastest game times of Worlds 2018.


Mad Team: 2/14/5

Lian: 0 KDA w/ 200 cs
Kongyue: 0.7 KDA w/ 124 cs
Uniboy: 0.7 KDA w/ 239 cs
Breeze: 1 KDA w/ 254 cs
K: 0.7 KDA w/ 20 cs

kt Rolster: 14/2/38

Smeb: 11 KDA w/ 258 cs
Score: 11 KDA w/ 153 cs
Ucal: 11 KDA w/ 273 cs
Deft: 8 KDA w/ 241 cs
Mata: 11 KDA w/ 47 cs

Winner: kt Rolster

Game 2 – Team Liquid (NA LCS) vs Edward Gaming (LPL)
Projected Winner: Team Liquid
Picks and Bans:

Despite Team Liquid’s early aggression, Edward Gaming takes the victory with superior team fighting

In the face of some shaky performances on the side of Edward Gaming, many analysts had picked Team Liquid to rally on their second day of play and secure a victory. During the draft phase, TL prioritized getting Kai’Sa for Doublelift. Edward Gaming answered with a Lucian pick up for iBoy and Alistar for Meiko. The rest of the Team Liquid picks were centered around protecting Doublelift with tanks and plenty of crowd control. Where as Edward Gaming went with a single dedicated tank, Ornn, for Ray and filling out the rest of the roster with damage picks.

In the early game, the side of Team Liquid were able to outplay a dive by Edward Gaming. Although EDG were able to secure a kill onto Doublelift, Olleh and Pobelter picked up kills on iBoy and Meiko after the dive. The early game aggression continued for Team Liquid as Xmithe linked up with his bot lane to secure a second kill on Meiko. However, a play for dragon turned disatrous for Team Liquid as even though they were able to secure the drake, they were routed in the resulting team fight with the power of both iBoy’s Lucian and an amazing Emperor’s Divide by Scout. From there, TL’s aggression train fell off the tracks as they proceeded to lose team fight after team fight. Pobelter was repeatedly hesitant to cast the Hero’s Entrance and by not doing, cost Team Liquid a lot of their fights. After securing baron, Edward Gaming made short work of the North American side and win their second game of the group stage.


Team Liquid: 5/16/11

Impact: 0.5 KDA w/ 215 cs
Xmithe: 1 KDA w/ 132 cs
Pobelter: 0.75 KDA w/ 234 cs
Doubelift: 1.3 KDA w/ 254 cs
Olleh: 1.25 KDA w/ 50 cs

Edward Gaming: 16/5/53

Ray: 13 KDA w/ 228 cs
Clearlove: 10 KDA w/ 146 cs
Scout: 15 KDA w/ 277 cs
iBoy: 7.5 KDA w/ 281 cs
Meiko: 7.5 KDA w/ 57 cs

Winner: Edward Gaming

Game 3 – Fnatic (EU LCS) vs Invictus Gaming (LPL)
Projected Winner: Fnatic
Picks and Bans:

A disastrous baron call costs Fnatic their game against Invictus Gaming

Both Fnatic and Invictus Gaming looked good in their first games. But the desk gave the prediction to Fnatic because they played a much more clean and commanding game than Invictus did. In the draft, Fnatic first lock in Rakan for Hylissang. Invictus Gaming answered with Kai’Sa and Leona. Despite a lot of hype put into the mid lane matchup between Caps and Rookie, neither player locked in an assassin – with Caps on Swain and Rookie on Syndra.

From the jump, Invictus Gaming get aggressive in the bot lane as the repeatedly turret dive the Rekkles and Hylissang to secure three kills before seven minute mark. Fnatic answers back with a turret dive in the same lane and are able to secure two kills of their own, but Invictus Gaming is able to equalize with two kills of their own. The game continues to be bloody as the teams trade kills back and forth across the map. IG secure two kills in Fnatic’s red side jungle and attempt to start to convert the play into a baron. The play is thwarted by sOAZ as he lands a knockup on two of IG’s members with his Sion ultimate, chunking their health. While he does lose his life on the play, he was able to get Invictus to leave the baron. The game is ended when Fnatic make an ambition baron play of their own as they try to burn it down before IG finishes the Ocean drake. They are unsuccessful, and in the resulting team fight Jackeylove gets a quadra kill as Scout steals away his penta. With baron, Invictus Gaming are able to take two inhibitors and leverage their lead and minion waves into a victory over Fnatic.


Fnatic: 9/21/24

sOAZ: 2 KDA w/ 197 cs
Broxah: 4 KDA w/ 123 cs
Caps: 1.25 KDA w/ 188 cs
Rekkles: 1.7 KDA w/ 260 cs
Hylissang: 0.9 KDA w/ 12 cs

Invictus Gaming: 21/9/49

Duke: 11 KDA w/ 213 cs
Ning: 16 KDA w/ 168 cs
Rookie: 5.5 KDA w/ 226 cs
JackeyLove: 19 KDA w/ 251 cs
Baolan: 3.25 KDA w/ 44 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 4 – 100 Thieves (NA LCS) vs G-Rex (LMS)
Projected Winner: G-Rex
Picks and Bans:

Ssumday and Rikara are the heroes North America deserve as 100 Thieves take down G-Rex

Both the 100 Thieves and G-Rex came into the day looking for their first victory on the Worlds main stage. Both squads had a lot to answer for as fans were disappointed with their roster selections. On the side of 100 Thieves, many fans were still scratching their heads over the decision to use Rikara over Cody Sun. For G-Rex, despite being baybay being key to them getting to Worlds, fans were impressed with Empt2y’s performance in the Play-Ins. In the draft, 100 Thieves had selected themselves a 1-3-1 composition. G-Rex, on the other hand, had opted into more of a dive/full on engage composition.

For the first seven minutes of the game, the pace was relatively slow until 100 Thieves attempted a dive in the bottom lane. With the help of AnDa, Aphromoo and Rikara were able to secure first blood with a kill on to Stitch. Thanks to the teleport by Ssumday, they were able to follow up this play with also securing the first tower. G-Rex answer back eventually with a play on the mid lane tower that results in them getting kills on Ssumday, AnDa, and Aphromoo. 100 Thieves are able to answer back with two kills of their own but the advantage was on the side of G-Rex. 100 Thieves were able to continue to secure kills, but weren’t able to convert them into towers. The game was blown open when G-Rex starts a 4 versus 4 team fight in the mid lane that ends with Rikara and Ssumday helping their team rout the opposition. Despite not being able to secure the baron after the play; they are able to secure it after they win the next mid lane team fight. With the baron power plane, their able to take two inhibitors. After the reset, 100 Thieves opt into a fight in the mid lane where there was an open inhibitor. Ssumday gets an execute on PK and uses his flash to get in the middle of the G-Rex lineup as his fear triggers to cause chaos. As the fight splits into two fronts, 100 Thieves are able to take down all but Koala and win the game.


100 Thieves: 23/10/55

Ssumday: 5.7 KDA w/ 313 cs
AnDa: 5 KDA w/ 170 cs
Ryu: 4.5 KDA w/ 283 cs
Rikara: 18 KDA w/ 371 cs
Aphromoo: 9.5 KDA w/ 25 cs

G-Rex: 10/23/25

PK: 1.4 KDA w/ 239 cs
baybay: 0.4 KDA w/ 174 cs
Candy: 2.3 KDA w/ 342 cs
Stitch: 1.6 KDA w/ 373 cs
Koala: 1.2 KDA w/ 72 cs

Winner: 100 Thieves

Game 5 – Royal Never Give Up (LPL) vs Team Vitality (EU LCS)
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

Royal Never Give Up take first place in Group B

Heading into this match, the desk thought that Team Vitality was outmatched in every lane versus Royal Never Give Up. However, if there was a win condition for the European LCS second seed it would be by drafting a team composition with hard engage. As if they were listening, Team Vitality did just that picking champions like Thresh, Varus, and Azir. On the side of RNG, they opted into late game carries like Irelia and Tristana who would have tanks like Urgot and Gragas to protect them.

At the very start of the game, Karsa linked up with his bottom lane to secure a kill on Jacktroll that they gift to Uzi. Jiizuke and Kikis are able to get a return kill on Xiaohu in the mid lane shortly thereafter. As the game progresses, RNG spends the better part of the mid game in the driver’s seat as they are able to get three towers, Rift Herald, and an Ocean drake while also able to get a few kills in the pocket. The game was decided when Team Vitality thought they caught out Royal Never Give Up in the jungle. But they were unable to take down Letme and Uzi, who shred through their lineup. From there, RNG secured the baron and eventually the win to take sole position of first place in Group B.


Royal Never Give Up: 17/7/26

Letme: 4.3 KDA w/ 236
Karsa: 10 KDA w/ 127 cs
Xiaohu: 10 KDA w/ 233 cs
Uzi: 8 KDA w/ 239 cs
Ming: 12 KDA w/ 22 cs

Team Vitality: 7/17/12

Cabochard: 2 KDA w/ 264 cs
Kikis: 0.7 KDA w/ 154 cs
Jiizuke: 2.5 KDA w/ 286 cs
Attila: 1.3 KDA w/ 244 cs
Jacktroll: 0.8 KDA w/ 41 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

Game 6 – Cloud9 (NA LCS) vs Gen.G (LCK)
Projected Winner: Gen.G
Picks and Bans:

Blaber’s overagression costs Cloud9 and Gen.G pick up their first win of Worlds

Based on their rocky performance thus far at Worlds, the analysts had Gen.G losing to Cloud9. The North American side were looking progressively better with each game while Gen.G were only showing flashes of brilliance. In the draft phase, Cloud9 secured themselves a wombo combo team fight composition with Alistar, Jarvan, and Galio at the center. For their marksmen, they opted into a blind pick Tristana with both Xayah and Kai’Sa taken off the table. Gen.G, however, opted into more of a split push comp with strong flanks thanks to picks like Poppy, Taliyah, and Rakan .

The game started with a gank by Blaber in the mid lane as he and Jensen get first blood on Crown. However, Crown got revenge from the grave as his ignite takes down Jensen for the return kill with the help of minion aggro. Blaber would return to the scene of the crime, but he was unaware that CoreJJ and Haru were there to defend their mid laner this time and thanks to Crown hitting six, they are able to turn the gank around and get a kill on to Blaber. As the game continued, Blaber would continue his aggression but was unable to convert them into kills or objectives. It would be his over aggression that would cost C9 the game, as while checking the river entrance to barron with his flag – he would decide to engage onto CuVee. Zeyzal would follow up his jungler with a flash Pulverize. And as their team tried to follow them up, Cloud9 would get routed in the resulting teamfight and give Gen.G the baron. With the power play and hungry for their first win, Gen.G waste no time in converting their power into a victory over the North American side.


Cloud9: 2/11/4

Licorice: 0 KDA w/ 233 cs
Blaber: 0.7 KDA w/ 128 cs
Jensen: 0.5 KDA w/ 216 cs
Sneaky: 1 KDA w/ 215 cs
Zeyzal: 0.5 KDA w/ 32 cs

Gen.G: 11/2/30

CuVee: 5 KDA w/ 201 cs
Haru: 10 KDA w/ 175 cs
Crown: 4 KDA w/ 219 cs
Ruler: 8 KDA w/ 239 cs
CoreJJ: 10 KDA w/ 9 cs

Winner: Gen.G

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