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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – Team Liquid (NA LCS) vs kt Rolster (LCK)
Picks and Bans:

KT play a high pace game and outplay Team Liquid to go 4-0 in the group

The North American first seed have not been having a great Worlds, opening the first round robin with a 1-2 record. kt Rolster has been the hope for Korea at this tournament, the only LCK team to have a positive game score in the first round robin. No analyst on the desk had any expectation of Team Liquid to take this game. In the draft, Team Liquid picked themselves a team composition that could play the 1-3-1 but could also team fight thanks to Skarner, Sivir, and Alistar. For the side of KT, they draft a team composition filled with meta power picks that they can use to force team fights with Lissandra, Nocturne, and Gragas.

At the six minute mark, the game exploded with a four man bot lane play by KT that saw Olleh sacrificing himself for Doublelift to be able to survive. Xmithe would try to make plays on the map to follow up, but his first use of the Skarner ultimate would be spell shielded and on his next opportunity Ucal would use the Lissandra ultimate to make himself invulnerable. TL would do their best to stem the bleeding, but KT’s high pace and superior mechanics would prove to be too much of a challenge for them. After Mata hits an amazing Explosive Cask on to Pobelter, kt Rolster would takedown the Team Liquid mid laner and get a pick off onto Xmithe. KT would then proceed to start the baron and although Impact would try to buy time, he would end up sacrificing his life for naught. With baron in hand, KT end the game and lock themselves into the next stage of Worlds with their 4-0 record.


Team Liquid: 4/12/11

Impact: 2 KDA w/ 212 cs
Xmithe: 1 KDA w/ 152 cs
Pobelter: 1 KDA w/ 232 cs
Doublelift: 2 KDA w/ 287 cs
Olleh: 1 KDA w/ 36

kt Rolster: 12/4/32

Smeb: 7 KDA w/ 181 cs
Score: 10 KDA w/ 132 cs
Ucal: 4.5 KDA w/ 260 cs
Deft: 9 KDA w/ 306 cs
Mata: 9 KDA w/ 14 cs

Winner: kt Rolster

Game 2 – Mad Team (LMS) vs Edward Gaming (LPL)
Picks and Bans:

Edaward Gaming play an aggressive game to continue their march to Knockout

For Mad Team to make it to the Knockout Stage they would need to go on a miracle run in the second half of the round robin and not drop a single game. And even then, they would still need to win a tiebreaker match. Edward Gaming, on the other hand, are the favorites to make it out of the group as the second seed. In the draft, Mad Team draft a composition to play to their style with Kongyue on Poppy in the jungle and Breeze picking up his infamous Ezreal. EDG’s draft was centered around iBoy on the Kai’Sa with Olaf in the jungle to bridge the team from the early game to the mid game.

The game would open with an early first blood as Kongyue and his bot lane would secure a kill onto iBoy before the three minute mark. EDG would get a kill onto Uniboy as the Mad Team mid laner was trying to cut Scout off from making a play onto the bot lane. The mid game would explode open with a team fight in the top side that would see Edward Gaming securing three kills and the first tower of the game. From there, the LPL third seed would leverage their gold lead and the tankiness of Ray on Shen to continue to make proactive plays to get a three tower advantage. Mad Team would not just roll over to the Chineses aggression as they would find kills while they tried to contest objectives. But the full AP Kai’Sa would prove to be too much for Mad Team as a won team fight in the baron side river for EDG would give them baron, an inhibitor and a 13K gold lead. Two more team fight wins and another baron take, and EDG would take the victory and improving their chances to make the quarterfinals.


Mad Team: 7/24/16

Liang: 1 KDA w/ 284 cs
Kongyue: 2 KDA w/ 186 cs
Uniboy: 0.3 KDA w/ 362 cs
Breeze: 1.3 KDA w/ 402 cs
K: 1 KDA w/ 37 cs

Edward Gaming: 24/7/65

Ray: 22 KDA w/ 360 cs
Haro: 14 KDA w/ 186 cs
Scout: 16 KDA w/ 340 cs
iBoy: 11 KDA w/ 414 cs
Meiko: 5 KDA w/ 16 cs

Winner: Edward Gaming

Game 3 – Mad Team (LMS) vs Team Liquid (NA LCS)
Picks and Bans:

Team Liquid return to form as they try to keep the Knockout Stage dreams alive

First blood come in the top lane at around the seven minute mark as Impact would use the Ornn ultimate to try to get a pick onto Liang with the help of Xmithe. Unfortunately, the TL duo didn’t know that Benny was level six on the Nocturne, and with the Paranoia Benny would be able to pull off a successful counter gank and take down Olaf. The Team Liquid bottom would answer back shortly thereafter with a kill onto K and Xmithe would get revenge as he showed up right on time secure the kill onto Breeze. With this kill, Team Liquid use their man advantage to secure the first drake of the game. The next play would come out of the top lane as Team Liquid would get a kill on to Liang with a three man dive. After taking the second drake, Team Liquid get a kill onto K. Mad Team are able to get first tower on the bot side but TL would answer almost immediately in the bot side themselves.

The game would continue to go back and forth with no team gaining much of a gold lead. After getting a pick onto Breeze, Team Liquid would turn onto the baron. While trying to zone for his team, Pobelter would be picked off but the time he buys allows his team to secure the nashor. Team Liquid would go up to a 10K gold lead on their baron power play as they take multiple towers and the bottom lane inhibitor. With lanes pushing in all three lanes, TL would be able to take a second inhibitor in the mid lane. After taking the baron on spawn, Team Liquid would be able to close out the game and keep the quarterfinals appearance hopes alive.


Mad Team: 6/13/9

Liang: 0.3 KDA w/ 283 cs
Benny: 3 KDA w/ 148 cs
Uniboy: 4 KDA w/ 321 cs
Breeze: 0.6 KDA w/ 362 cs
K: 1.3 KDA w/ 44 cs

Team Liquid: 13/6/25

Impact: 6 KDA w/ 236 cs
Xmithe: 4 KDA w/ 196 cs
Pobelter: 3.5 KDA w/ 324 cs
Doublelift: 8 KDA w/ 390 cs
Olleh: 4.5 KDA w/ 66 cs

Winner: Team Liquid

Game 4 – Edward Gaming (LPL) vs kt Rolster (LCK)
Picks and Bans:

Edward Gaming upsets kt Rolster and punches their tickets to quarters

This game will determine who can get out in the Knockout Stage. With a win here, kt Rolster sets themselves up as the first seed and a ticket to quarters. But it also put Team Liquid in position to play a tiebreaker match for the second seed. If Edward Gaming win, they potentially force a tiebreaker match with KT for first seed if they don’t drop a game to Team Liquid earlier. But if they do win, Team Liquid loses any chance of progressing at Worlds. In the draft, kt Rolster drafts a strong team fight composition. For Edward Gaming, their team fight is no slouch but they have a strong side lane threat in Scout on the Akali.

The game starts with an early 4v3 bot lane team fight as KT make a pick a onto iBoy for first blood and Smeb completes his teleport and gets a kill onto Meiko. As the two teams faced off, it would be a “see hero, kill hero” affair with the teams constantly trading in kills. In spite of the chaos, KT would maintain a small gold lead and a minor turret advantage. After Deft and kt Rolster would get a pick onto Scout in the red side jungle they would make an attempt on baron. However, wisely, with the Sion ultimate down, KT would decide to back off and prevent the 50/50 smite contest. The game would be blown wide open as EDG would pull off an impressive flank in the mid lane that would see all but Smeb routed from the map. With the man advantage, Edward Gaming would secure baron. The power play would see EDG accrue a 6K gold lead. On the second baron spawn, EDG would melt the baron and completely decimate KT in the resulting team fight. With this victory they punch their ticket to the quarters and squash Team Liquid’s chances of progressing.


Edward Gaming: 18/13/55

Ray: 17 KDA w/ 288 cs
Haro: 4 KDA w/ 165 cs
Scout: 5.5 KDA w/ 316 cs
iBoy: 5.6 KDA w/ 411 cs
Meiko: 4 KDA w/ 21 cs

Kt Rolster: 13/18/34

Smeb: 2.5 KDA w/ 241 cs
Score: 2.25 KDA w/ 128 cs
Ucal: 3 KDA w/ 293 cs
Deft: 2.2 KDA w/ 354 cs
Mata: 3.3 KDA w/ 41 cs

Winner: Edward Gaming

Game 5 – Edward Gaming (LPL) vs Team Liquid (NA LCS)
Picks and Bans:

Team Liquid come online a little too late but do spoil EDG’s chance to take first seed

With Team Liquid eliminated from Knockout Stage contention, the only thing they could play for in this game versus Edward Gaming is spoiler. If Team Liquid win this game, they force EDG into the second seed of the group. In the draft, EDG prioritize Urgot back into the hands of Ray as their first pick. Team Liquid’s immediate answer would be to draft the Lovers Duo. Edward Gaming’s composition had a strong team fight component with Alistar and Lissandra. With Haro on Taliyah, they would also have the ability to make picks. Team Liquid’s draft would also have both strong team fights and pick potential with Sion, Syndra, and Nocturne.

It would be Edward Gaming who would get first blood in the bot lane as Haro would link up with his laners to secure a kill onto Olleh. The first big team fight would happen before the ten minute mark as each team would bring all five members into the bot lane. Team Liquid would be the victors of the fight as they would collect kills on Scout and Ray and the first turret take of the game. TL would use this early power to take Infernal drake and force Edward Gaming off the Rift Herald and secure it for themselves. Team Liquid would secure themselves a strong gold lead with their three turret advantage, but a good pick onto Pobelter would allow EDG to get their first tower and put a dent into the gold lead.

Team Liquid would make their mid game difficult for themselves as their poor baron river vision and Pobelter’s poor decision making would help Edward Gaming get back into the game. A successful counter engage by TL would see them win a team fight and attempt the baron. EDG would courageously stop the Liquid baron attempt as Scout would flash into the pit cause enough chaos to force them off. Edward Gaming would start the baron but Liquid call their bluff and would win the resulting team fight and take the baron for themselves. After a fight in EDG’s red side jungle that saw both Ray and iBoy dying, TL take both mid and bot lane inhibitors. With their massive lead, Team Liquid play spoiler to Edward Gaming and force them into the second seed.


Edward Gaming: 8/15/13

Ray: 0.5 KDA w/ 277 cs
Haro: 6 KDA w/ 205 cs
Scout: 0.5 KDA w/ 280 cs
iBoy: 3 KDA w/ 299 cs
Meiko: 2.3 KDA w/ 63 cs

Team Liquid: 15/8/45

Impact: 13 KDA w/ 231 cs
Xmithe: 10 KDA w/ 231 cs
Pobelter: 2.75 KDA w/ 310 cs
Doublelift: 12 KDA w/ 375 cs
Olleh: 5.3 KDA w/ 29 cs

Winner: Team Liquid

Game 6 – kt Rolster (LCK) vs Mad Team (LMS)
Picks and Bans:

Mad Team had the opportunity heading into this game to play spoiler to kt Rolster as Team Liquid did to Edward Gaming. If they won this game, they could keep EDG’s first seed dreams alive. In the draft, KT would draft a team comp with tons of damage with Deft getting Kai’Sa, Irelia for Smeb, and Score getting Xin Zhao. Mad Team would opt into a strong team fight composition with great pick potential with champions like Camille, Nocturne, and Lissandra.

The game starts with an early first blood as Smeb loses a one versus one duel in the top lane to Liang in the carry versus carry matchup. Mad Team would recognize that the top lane was a place of power and would attempt a three man dive on Smeb. Score would be there to try to help his top laner, but would die instantly. However, Ucal would show up while Mad would try to make an exit on the play and although Smeb would die, Ucal would get two kills. The action doesn’t quit though as Score would show up in the bottom lane and help his bot lane get kills onto Breeze and K. KT would continue to pressure the bot lane as a pick on Benny in the jungle would transition to Deft getting first tower gold. kt Rolster would continue their bot lane lead to get first drake and starve Mad of their blue side jungle.

Mad Team decide to mirror KT and leverage their top side lead as Benny and Liang would secure another kill onto Smeb and equalize the turret score. As KT make a pick onto Liang while Mad Team try to take drake, they’re able to take the drake themselves, the resulting team fight, and the baron all in one swoop. With baron in hand, kt Rolster were able to win one more team fight and take down the nexus with Deft taking a quadra kill for his troubles.


Kt Rolster: 16/4/35

Smeb: 2.3 KDA w/ 212 cs
Score: 12 KDA w/ 141 cs
Ucal: 11 KDA w/ 212 cs
Deft: 10 KDA w/ 264 cs
Mata: 11 KDA w/ 57 cs

Mad Team: 4/16/5

Liang: 1.25 KDA w/ 213 cs
Benny: 0.6 KDA w/ 125 cs
Uniboy: 1 KDA w/ 237 cs
Breeze: 0 KDA w/ 208 cs
K: 0 KDA w/ 22 cs

Winner: kt Rolster

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