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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – SuperMassive Esports (TCL) vs G2 Esports (EU LCS)

Projected Winner: G2 Esports
Picks and Bans:

G2 Esports gets their revenge with a commanding win over SuperMassive

On day two of the Play-Ins, SuperMassive made many fans question if the G2 vacation memes were back. However, the analyst desk had faith that the EU LCS representatives could pull it back. For one, they wouldn’t have to worry about GBM having the counterpick advantage on red side. Also, G2 readjusted their priorities in the draft and secured a carry pick for Wunder, giving him the Urgot. SuperMassive blind picked GBM Cassiopeia, which would be counterpicked by Perkz with Orianna.

The Cassiopeia ended up not working out for SuperMassive as GBM gave up first blood from a good gank by Jankos on Olaf. And while the TCL representatives did try to trade blows, GBM’s poor positioning made him a constant target for Urgot’s Fear Beyond Death. Without the Cass damage, it was challenging for SuperMassive to win teamfights. Recognition should go to Zeitnot’s Caitlyn – whose perfect positioning kept his team in the game longer than they should have been. But G2’s combined strength, with the backing of two baron pushes, proved to be too much – setting the stage for a potential tiebreaker game between to the two teams at the end of the day.


SuperMassive Esports: 10/16/33

fabFabulous: 3 KDA w/ 267 cs
Stomaged: 3 KDA w/ 168 cs
GBM: 1.6 KDA w/ 318 cs
Zeitnot: 10 KDA w/ 379 cs
SnowFlower: 2 KDA w/ 24 cs

G2 Esports: 16/10/40

Wunder: 4.5 KDA w/ 349 cs
Jankos: 4.3 KDA w/ 183 cs
Perkz: 14 KDA w/ 376 cs
Hjarnan: 11 KDA w/ 350 cs
Wadid: 2.25 KDA w/ 44 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 2 – Infinity Esports (LLN) vs Edward Gaming (LPL)

Projected Winner: Edward Gaming
Picks and Bans:

Edward Gaming’s hubris costs them the game against Infinity Esports

Going into the game, it seemed a forgone conclusion that Edward Gaming would end the day 4-0 and sit at the top of Group A. And at the end of the draft, it looked like they had all the tools to make sure that would be the case. Meiko and iBoy on their comfort picks, Scout on Galio, and Ray on Fiora in the top lane. On the side of Infinity Esports, they also drafted a composition of their own comfort picks.

As the game played out, it looked that the script had been written. EDG spent a large portion of the early game in the driver’s seat with Scout easily winning out in mid and Haro linking up with the side lanes to create advantages. But Infinity Esports grit their teeth and are able to punch upwards as EDG played the mid and late game fast and loose. A poorly executed teamfight by EDG, where Scout was late to the fight, was won by Infinity and transitioned into a baron. From there, the Latin American North representatives were able to upset the favorites and take the EDG nexus.


Infinity Esports: 15/11/44

Relic: 11 KDA w/ 210 cs
SolidSnake: 3.3 KDA w/ 140 cs
Cotopaco: 3.7 KDA w/ 233 cs
Renyu: 6.5 KDA w/ 248 cs
Arce: 7 KDA w/ 16 cs

Edward Gaming: 11/15/21

Ray: 2 KDA w/ 274 cs
Haro: 1.7 KDA w/ 142 cs
Scout: 4 KDA w/ 240 cs
iBoy: 2 KDA w/ 279 cs
Meiko: 2.3 KDA w/ 59 cs

Winner: Infinity Esports

Game 3 – SuperMassive Esports (TCL) vs Ascension Gaming (SEA)

Projected Winner: SuperMassive Esports
Picks and Bans:

SuperMassive turns the game around with amazing dragon teamfight

Despite a loss to G2 Esports earlier in the day, SuperMassive were still heavy favorites to win against Ascension Gaming. For Ascension Gaming a win here potentially could have set them up for a three way tiebreaker if the could go 2-0 on the day. Ascension’s draft was focused on high damage while also focusing their bans on limiting Stomaged’s champion pool. Unlike on day two, Ascension picked a carry in Camile for Rockky. In the mid lane they countered GBM’s pick of Galio with a Corki pick up for G4. On the side of SuperMassive, their team composition was focused on team fight focused squad with Jarvan to link up with the Galio and each other champion allowing them to initiate fights.

In the early game game, SuperMassive scored first blood on Rich. Despite a consistent gold lead, SuperMassive did struggle in team fights versus Ascension Gaming as Rockky showed why he succeeded regionally on carry champions. Unfortunately, Ascension incorrectly decided to contest a Mountain drake and the combination of Jarvan’s Cataclysm and Galio’s AOE crowd control and Zeitnot’s damage on Varus allowed SuperMassive to win the team fight. With the team fight win, SuperMassive were able to not only take the drake, but also the baron and the win.


SuperMassive Esports: 18/9/45

fabFabulous: 7 KDA w/ 199 cs
Stomaged: 16 KDA w/ 166 cs
GBM: 5.5 KDA w/ 220 cs
Zeitnot: 3.25 KDA w/ 261 cs
SnowFlower: 5.3 KDA w/ 14 cs

Ascension Gaming: 9/18/24

Rockky: 5 KDA w/ 280 cs
Lloyd: 1.2 KDA w/ 95 cs
G4: 2 KDA w/ 257 cs
Niksar: 1.6 KDA w/ 208 cs
Rich: 2 KDA w/ 49 cs

Winner: SuperMassive Esports

Game 4 – Infinity Esports (CLN) vs Dire Wolves (OPL)

Projected Winner: Dire Wolves
Picks and Bans:

Renyu scores the first Pentakill of Worlds 2018

Earlier in the day, Infinity shocked everyone with their win over Edward Gaming. However, despite their victory, the win was more attributed to poor play on the side of EDG and less on the play of Infinity Esports. On the side of the Dire Wolves, all eyes were on their jungler Shernfire who was now freed from his suspension. They had gone 1-1 on day two with their emergency substitute UDYSOF. Both teams had a relatively standard drafts, trading power picks back and forth. The only major pick of note was putting Shernfire on Skarner – a champion not traditionally in his wheelhouse – as a takeaway pick from SolidSnake.

The game itself was high tempo as both sides trading kills back and forth in the early game. But with each fight, it seemed that the Dire Wolves were the ones looking worse for wear. The game was blown open when Infinity Esports use Dire Wolves’ lack of vision around nashor to secure the baron and win the resulting team fight. As the Dire Wolves tried to mount a defense in their base, rookie Renyu secures a Pentakill on Kai’Sa and end the group stage of Play-Ins with a record of 2-2.


Infinity Esports: 24/13/53

Relic: 8 KDA w/ 284 cs
SolidSnake: 6 KDA w/ 209 cs
Cotopaco: 6 KDA w/ 283 cs
Renyu: 8 KDA w/ 305 cs
Arce: 4.25 KDA w/ 88 cs

Dire Wolves: 13/24/30

BioPanther: 1.7 KDA w/ 320 cs
Shernfire: 1.7 KDA w/ 174 cs
Triple: 1.5 KDA w/ 280 cs
K1ng: 1.5 KDA w/ 352 cs
Cupcake: 2 KDA w/ 81 cs

Winner: Infinity Esports

Game 5 – G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs Ascension Gaming (SEA)

Projected Winner: G2 Esports
Picks and Bans:

G2 Esports puts their Knockout Stage destiny in their own hands

As the Play-In stage has progressed, G2 Esports has been able to polish up their play – opening the day with a win over SuperMassive Esports. On the other side of the rift, Ascension Gaming was looking to at least walk away from Worlds 2018 with one win. During the draft, Ascension was able to steal Olaf away from Jankos and picked up power picks like Aatrox and Pyke. In the second phase of the draft though, Ascension drafted themselves late game carries Vayne and Kassadin. The desk was worried how Lloyd would succeed with lanes that didn’t have priority and how would the late game carries actually get to the late game.

In the beginning of the game, it appeared as though the late game power of Kassadin was going to come early as G4 was securing kill after kill across the map. Unfortunately for him, his side lanes weren’t faring well as Jankos showed dominance on his Taliyah jungle. With Jankos putting him in a position of power, Hjarnan was able to amass a lead over the opposing carry. Being on a short range champion, there was little G4 could do as the European representatives used their combined lead, a massive 7K at the 16 minute mark, to dominate the rift. Being as far behind as they were, Ascension Gaming could only watch as G2 Esports dismantled their base.


G2 Esports: 22/9/39

Wunder: 4 KDA w/ 240 cs
Jankos: 18 KDA w/ 167 cs
Perkz: 2.4 KDA w/ 209 cs
Hjarnan: 12 KDA w/ 274 cs
Wadid: 11 KDA w/ 36 cs

Ascension Gaming: 9/22/12

Rockky: 0.5 KDA w/ 190 cs
Lloyd: 1 KDA w/ 126 cs
G4: 2.25 KDA w/ 247 cs
Niksar: 0.3 KDA w/ 216 cs
Rich: 0.7 KDA w/ 51 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 6 – Edward Gaming (LPL) vs Dire Wolves (OPL)

Projected Winner: Edward Gaming
Picks and Bans:

Dire Wolves botch a level one play and EDG never take their foot off the gas

With a win here, Dire Wolves would have forced a three way tie in Group A thanks to the upset earlier in the day by Infinity Esports. And while Edward Gaming may have misstepped earlier in the day, there was little doubt that they would make the same mistakes versus the Oceanic representatives. Edward Gaming drafted themselves a composition with a little of everything – good damage, good engage, and good pick potential. On the opposite of the rift, the Dire Wolves composition seemed focus on trying to stop EDG from doing what they wanted.

At the start of the game, the Dire Wolves attempted a three man invade into EDG’s red side jungle. Unfortunately for them, EDG was ready and the Chinese representatives were able to collect a kill onto Shernfire for first blood. From then on, Edward Gaming never took their foot off the gas as Haro hunted Shernfire relentlessly in the jungle. The power of Akali and Kai’Sa, with Camile and Shen backing them up, proved to be too much for the Dire Wolves to handle. Edward Gaming didn’t play with their food this time and ended the game with one of the fastest game times of the Play-Ins.


Edward Gaming: 18/2/36

Ray: 10 KDA w/ 206 cs
Haro: 4 KDA w/ 150 cs
Scout: 12 KDA w/ 225 cs
iBoy: 12 KDA w/ 263 cs
Meiko: 12 KDA w/ 10 cs

Dire Wolves: 2/18/4

BioPanther: 0.5 KDA w/ 231 cs
Shernfire: 0.5 KDA w/ 98 cs
Triple: 0.2 KDA w/ 184 cs
K1ng: 0.25 KDA w/ 208 cs
Cupcake: 0.3 KDA w/ 49 cs

Winner: Edward Gaming

Tiebreaker Game – G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs SuperMassive Esports (TCL)

Picks and Bans:

G2 overwhelm SuperMassive and secure first place in Group B

Continuing their momentum from the start of the day, G2 Esports looked strong heading into their tiebreaker match versus SuperMassive Esports. On the other side of the rift, SuperMassive looked to be running out of steam. In the draft, G2 took away many of SuperMassive’s comfort picks while still collecting power picks across the board for each member. For SuperMassive, they thought that they at least had counter the Akali with Galio only for G2 to swap the Akali to the top lane and put Urgot into the hands of Perkz.

With GBM and fabFabulous falling behind in the early game, SuperMassive’s attempts to play through the bot lane were too telegraphed and easily countered by G2. Similar to the last game on the day, once G2 accrued a lead – the game was all but won. A worrying point for future games, was Perkz’s over aggression getting punished in one of the final of the team fights. However, with a 7K gold deficit, SuperMassive wasn’t able to turn that misstep into anything. After a failed attempt to punish G2 in the jungle, SuperMassive was routed by the G2 carries and G2 was able to secure baron and the win.


G2 Esports: 16/3/45

Wunder: 9 KDA w/ 270 cs
Jankos: 12 KDA w/ 173 cs
Perkz: 13 KDA w/ 321 cs
Hjarnan: 13 KDA w/ 315 cs
Wadid: 14 KDA w/ 14 cs

SuperMassive Esports: 3/16/5

fabFabulous: 0.7 KDA w/ 206 cs
Stomaged: 0.7 KDA w/ 158 cs
GBM: 0.7 KDA w/ 238 cs
Zeitnot: 0.7 KDA w/ 280 cs
SnowFlower: 0 KDA w/ 75 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

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