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Riot Games announced Thursday the date, venues, and schedule for the 2019 World Championship. Set to tour Europe, Worlds 2019 will go through Berlin and Madrid before crowning the champion in Paris.

The tournament will officially start Oct. 2 with the Play-in Stage and end Nov. 10 with the grand finals.

Worlds 2019 schedule

— Oct. 2-8: Play-in Stage (Berlin, Germany)
— Oct. 12-20: Group Stage (Berlin, Germany)
— Oct. 26-27: Quarterfinals (Madrid, Spain)
— Nov. 2-3: Semifinals (Madrid, Spain)
— Nov. 10: Grand final (Paris, France)

The official slot allocation confirms previous reports that the LCK will only get two slots in the Main Event and LPL will be the region to seed all its three teams straight to the group stage. The third seeds from LEC, LCS, and LMS will have to start in the Play-in stage.

Worlds 2019 Play-in Stage seeds

  • CBLOL (Brazil) Team
  • LCL (Russia) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • LJL (Japan) Team
  • LLA (Latin America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LMS ( Chinese Taipei ) Team
  • OPL (Australia ) Team
  • LST (Southeast Asia) Team
  • TCL (Turkey) Team

Worlds 2019 Group Stage seeds

  • 1st Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 1st Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 1st Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 1st Seeded LMS (Chinese Taipei) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LMS (Chiniese Taipei) Team
  • 1st Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 1st Seeded VCS (Vietnam) Team

A lot is on the line for Worlds 2019 — as usually is the case with the world championship — as it is pundits’ opinion that the gap between the four major regions (Korea, China, Europe, and NA) has closed significantly. MSI 2019 came down to a LEC vs. LCS grand final; China won every international event in 2018 and is considered the current most competitive region; and LCK has traditionally been strong in League of Legends and have won all five World Championships between 2013 and 2017.

Nov. 10 will be a memorable date for LoL fans.

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