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For years now, Vici Gaming haven’t been more than a mid-table LPL team. They finished 7th in both splits last year and in 2017 they even had to fight relegations to stay in the league.

The start of LPL Spring 2019 brought them nothing but struggle, too. The brutal hand of the schedule saw VG open against Suning in week 1 and then play EDward Gaming in week 2, both of which are currently top 4 in the LPL, with Suning undefeated on top.

Yes, Vici Gaming’s 0-2 start to the LPL made sense, but it’s not like the team was completely wiped out. In both matches, VG took a game off their opponents, and if they could wound EDG and Suning, they could certainly beat SinoDragon.

The first game showed nothing of the sort, however, and SDG took a commanding lead in the series. It wasn’t until game 2 that Vici started showing sparks of life; sparks that quickly burst into a pyre. Vici Gaming started team-fighting… and started crushing.

It was an exceptional performance by VG support Su “SouthWind” Zhi-Lin too. On Thresh, he scored a 93% kill participation, getting involved in all but one kill.

This performance carried over to a low-action game 3, where Vici Gaming played the smart, objective-oriented style that many LPL teams have shown so far. The kills were only 3-2 in Vici’s favor when Southwind and co. started knocking on SinoDragon’s door and soon after they scored their first win in the season.

This is a huge breath of relief for VG, who can go into vacation mode with fewer things to worry about. Their return mid-February will have them play Victory 5 and Snake Esports — two teams on the bottom of the table — which could bring the much needed recovery for VG.

LPL standings after week 3, day 1. Screengrab via: LPL | Twitch
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