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SK Telecom put on an impressive comeback performance in the second half of the LCK Summer Split. Starting at the bottom of the table at 1-5, SKT have managed to not only climb back to clinch playoffs spot, but earn a grand final rematch against Griffin to defend their Spring title.

So far, SKT’s cruise through the playoffs has been effortless, beating Afreeca Freecs 2-1 and then both DAMWON Gaming and SANDBOX Gaming 3-0. Coming into the grand finals, the team is on a seven-game win streak and looking as the favorites to take another championship hope.

But there are people that aren’t that impressed by SKT and believe they will live to be punished come Worlds. On Twitter, Andy “Vedius” Day stated that “SKT have massive holes and they’re not getting punished. […] I’m not bought into the hype.”

In no time, Vedius’ statement was almost memefied, with LCK caster Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith and other members of the community jumping on the “not bought into the hype” train.

Whether Vedius is right or not remains to be seen, as Worlds is just over a month from now, but his statement is sure to be one of the popular Twitch copy-pastas during the event.

As for SKT, they are playing the grand finals on Sunday, August 31. SKT are already a lock for Worlds, as are Griffin, and the third LCK team to qualify for the tournament will be decided through the Regional Gauntlet.

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