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Riot Games is promising a lot of much needed, much requested changes to their autochess mod Teamfight Tactics. Patch 9.14 is going to be a big one for TFT, it seems, with multiple changes to gameplay mechanics and the introduction of new content.

Between 9.13 and 9.14

There will be a number of balance changes to TFT still, before Patch 9.14 arrives. Riot is making “adjustments to Garen, Yasuo, Morellonomicon, Kennen, the drop chances of all units, and more”, and promises to keep the pace until 9.14 lands

TFT Patch 9.14 changes: Ranked queue and Twisted Fate

The biggest thing coming in TFT with the next patch is the start of the Beta Season and with it — ranked queue. By the way Riot describes it, it will function similar to Dota Underlords: placing in the top 4 will count as a win, you will gain ladder points, and climb up.

Twisted Fate, a Pirate Sorcerer, will also be released with Patch 9.14.

Future plans

What else is coming to TFT beyond Patch 9.14 however? Riot is keen on addressing some of community’s biggest concerns:

Mitigate item RNG — While Riot is on the opinion that RNG is “good for TFT” as it “precents every game from feeling the same”, some changes will be made. There will be more guaranteed item drops in the future, as well as (potentially) new kind of loot like XP, gold, or champions.

UI improvement — Players will be able to get more information at a glance, including champion stats, win streaks and their bonuses, damage meters and so on.

More ways go gain XP — Riot is looking for new ways to reward players for grinding TFT. Another idea is to also integrate ARAM, TFT, Twisted Treeline, and the standard 5v5 Summoner’s Rift into “one cohesive experience”. How? No details yet.

There seems to be a lot on Riot’s table and that puts a lot of pressure on Valve to deliver on Underlords. Valve’s game already has a rank progression system and leaderboards and the proto Battles Pass are also coming soon, but it’s still losing the popularity battle to TFT.

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