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Without any lack of excitement, the LPL claimed victory at Rift Rivals by successfully defending their title in a 3-2 series win over South Korea’s LCK. Playing five full games provided fans with tons of plays to watch but here at VPEsports, we’ve picked out three MUST SEE plays from the Finals action. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Count to Three With Doinb

The next time you play with friends that haven’t played League of Legends before and ask what AOE is, you now have a great example to show them. Doinb teaches three members of KING-ZONE DragonX what they should be afraid of when Doinb locks onto Kled to start the game.

Melted. Just melted.

How to Train Throw Your Pet Dragon With SKT

SKT have been having a brutal time as of late. They’ve been subject to the spotlight of the media because, well, they keep losing. This play near Baron certainly smells like desperation and is something you definitely shouldn’t be doing.

SK WTFecom T1. This is a game changing mistake that you just can’t let happen. SKT with almost zero awareness on teleports as well as map presence leads to their inevitable defeat in rather quick fashion by Royal Never Give Up

Who Should I Even Be Watching!?

There’s nothing like a team fight that turns into a challenge for the viewer because there’s so much going on. That’s exactly what happened between kt Rolster and Invictus gaming in game one of the Finals. I won’t tell you who you should watch in order to avoid spoilers. (ROOKIE. WATCH ROOKIE)

Can anybody say resets!? Just when you think Rookie is down and out and just trying to get one kill (see: 36s) he nails all the resets imaginable and helps IG put a bow on one of the most entertaining fights of Rift Rivals.

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