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On Sunday, Invictus Gaming walked on stage to face the team that stopped them from potentially winning the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational: Team Liquid. In what pundits labeled the biggest upset in international League of Legends, Team Liquid wiped iG 3-1 in the semifinals, silencing the Chinese fans who hoped for another trophy to come home.

But while the two teams’ next face-off in the group stage of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship was hyped as a revenge match to define the group, star top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok says he doesn’t look at it as such.

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Today you successfully took revenge on Team Liquid. Does this victory mean anything special to you?

Actually, I didn’t see this match as a revenge. But maybe from the audience’s point of view, we played it as such. Anyhow, I am in a good mood now as we won that game.

There was a fantastic solo kill from you in the top lane. Can you tell us how you did it?

There was always an opportunity to kill Gangplank, but because our jungler didn’t plan to come top, I just focused more on the lane and managed to find a chance to solo kill him during the laning phase.

During the last team fight, we could see that you were not in a good position. The enemy put much attention on you, but you managed to turn things around with Rookie and Baolan and win the game. Can you tell us what happened at that time?

At that time, it was a very good time for some of us to initiate a team fight, and I was thinking that if I could start it without dying, it would be the best scenario. Then I went in and did not die. Also, my teammates played well during that team fight, so we won the game.

Tomorrow your opponent will be DWG and you will play against Nuguri. What’s the difference between your Vladimir and his? As we can see, you two have different runes on Vladimir, he likes to use Kleptomancy and you like Phase Rush.

In fact, I personally think that my Phase Rush is better than Kleptomancy. When you pick Vladimir, you will probably play the game by yourself, and Kleptomancy Vladimir will need more care from his teammates. And I hope Nuguri uses Phase Rush on Vladimir when he plays against me.

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