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Flash Wolves will keep their international record of never missing an MSI group stage. The LMS champions defeated LCL’s Vega Squadron 3-1 to advance to the main event, where G2, SKT, IG, and TL are already waiting.

Vega had some surprises of their own, however. The CIS team threw FW a curve ball and drafted a mid lane Vayne and bot lane Karthus to win a grueling, 42-minutes-long game 1. But any doubts as to whether Flash Wolves could actually lose to Vega fully disappeared in games 2 and 3. The LMS champions trampled Vega Squadron 17-3 (game 1) and 19-3 (game 2) to get to a match-point with a very sizable boost in confidence.

Game 4 was mostly Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang’s show. FW’s top laner rocked a killer Ryze to which Vega found no answer and once again lost the game in a one-sided manner.

Vega will get another chance to make the first MSI group stage for the LCL region, but they’ll have to go through Phong Vu Buffalo first. Flash Wolves, on the other hand, will go into the top 6 with the goal of making their fourth straight MSI top 4 in a field that looks much harder than last year.

MSI Group Stage teams (5/6)

— SK Telecom T1
— Invictus Gaming
— G2 Esports
— Team Liquid
— Flash Wolves

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