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After three days of MSI 2019 group stage play, the tournament has entered the second half of its round robin stage. Invictus Gaming are a lock for the playoffs already at 6-0 and unless they completely botch their next four matches, they’ll likely take the top seed.

What happens below them however? Who will win the battle for 2nd between SK Telecom and G2 Esports? Are Team Liquid in danger of elimination?

Here are our predictions for day 4, Monday, May 13.

The most unpredictable day

Day 4 will be the hardest to call so far. There are many matches that can go either way, because 1) there are just two days left and for many teams this is a make-or-break scenario; and 2) because even the best teams at MSI, bar iG, have shown they can lose to the most unlikely opposition.

There are three matches that are very difficult to call.

G2 vs. FW — G2 are still the better team overall, but Flash Wolves are gaining ground, pushed by a sense of urgency: they have never missed the MSI playoffs and they don’t want to do it now, when the matches are played in Taiwan.

But that’s an intangible factor and G2 don’t care for those. The LEC champions keep bringing out picks no one has thought of and there’s no telling whether FW can react to them well (probably not). Still, G2 lost to PVB in the biggest upset of the tournament so far, and a well-running FW can do the same.

PVB vs. TL — That one is even harder to predict. PVB might not be a top team at MSI but they’re certainly in the top 3 of most attractive ones. Meliodas is back in the jungle and was the driving factor behind the win vs. G2. TL have shown no intention of changing up their playstyle and if they still try to draft for scaling, an in-form Meliodas will eat them alive.

If PVB find a way to rein in TL’s bot lane, this is a very winnable match-up for them.

FW vs. SKT — It’s hard to trust in SKT, given what they’ve shown so far. For the most part, they’ve refused to let Clid play the style they signed him for and have fallen in the same trap as Liquid: play a predictable draft.

In what will likely be a boring, slow game, SKT are still favorites because they thrive on slow and boring these days. If Flash Wolves decided to change things up, however, counter-jungle Clid and bring early-game pain to SKT, they could further the demise of LCK’s best.

The Team Liquid question

The results from day 3 put Team Liquid in a dangerous position: tied for 4th at 2-4 with Flash Wolves. With the LMS gaining speed and the NA international curse looming, TL face the real possibility of never making it out of groups again.

If the predictions above come true, FW and TL will still be tied and it will all depend on how they perform on day 5. Both teams are facing difficult opposition on Tuesday, but FW have the slight advantage, playing PVB, while TL have both SKT and G2 on the menu.

Tomorrow, TL need to bring up their best. Not on Tuesday, not when they come back to NA — tomorrow. Because what does it mean for the region otherwise, when the true dream team finishes 5th?

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