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Korea’s LCK secured the direct grand final seed into Rift Rivals 2019. The region has been performing more than well the last few days and will deservedly try to wrestle back the Rift Rivals trophy.

Invictus Gaming were the only team that etched a dent into LCK’s armor. In the final match of the day, iG defeated SK Telecom T1 in a close series that not only was one of the best of the tournament so far, but dragged on for 42 minutes. iG’s bot lane excelled in the match, defeating Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s signature Kalista on the back of a Kai’Sa/Lux bot lane which boasted a combined KDA of 6/3/20.

SKT had the early macro control of the game, securing the first three dragons plus Rift Herald but their late game macro and team fighting were not on the level of iG.s Although they still missed securing dragons, iG got both Barons this game and an Elder Dragon on top to bring SKT down to their knees.

LCK will wait in the finals for the winner between LPL and LMS-VCS, which is expected to be the former. LMS-VCS hasn’t won a single match in the event and unless a miracle upset happens, Rift Rivals will once again end in a China vs. Korea face-off.

It’s difficult to say who’s the favorite. The LCK have been almost untouchable and even teams like SKT, who are currently struggling domestically, are showing up big for the home crowd. At the same time, China’s top 4 from last year is also performing well at home, with the exception of JD Gaming. FPX and TOP are respectively #1 and #2 in the current LPL rankings, and iG are a team that can never be counted out.

Although LCK is looking as the better region right now, it’s very possible that the trophy returns back to China.

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